Ever Wondered Why ATM Machines Have A 4-digit Pin Code? Because of a Woman

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ATM Machines

First thing first, Why there are 4 digit pin code in ATM Machines? But wait, why is it so that the only thing that is protecting our hard earned money is just four numbers, making 10,000 combinations. When there can be pins longer than 4 digits.

Wouldn’t if be wiser to place a PIN more than just four digits. Maybe add some letters and characters as well, to make it a tough nut to crack.

All these suggestions are viable and logical, but we have four digit PIN for a very peculiar reason.

Back in 1967, when the ATM was conceived, its Scottish inventor John Adrian Shepherd-Barron also proposed a 6-digit PIN.

But the idea why reject simply because his wife, Caroline, couldn’t remember a string of numbers higher than four! And six numbered string were reportedly too much to handle for her.

So with the fate of one of the most revolutionary inventions of his time on one hand and his wife’s memory problem on the other, John made the obvious choice.

Since it was made the norm, it is now very hard to change the system, recall every card in the world and start issuing more complex pin codes. Thanks for the millions of losses due to inadequate security, Caroline! Is it time for a change? would like longer pins or you agree with Caroline?

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