Everyday Green Gadgets Which Will Save The Planet

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Everyday each and every sensible one of us try to do something greener and adapt our lifestyle according to our planets dire needs.


Pilot B2P pens

Pen is one product which gets lost a lot and thus always remain in production and in needs more and more plastic. But Pilot B2p Pen is made from 89% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles, the B2P pens are great tools for green living.

Price: $15.79 (per pack of 12)


Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is a green dream. The slender machine is built for quick brewing, much like a Keurig, and makes one cup at a time. However, it comes with a permanent scoop filter, so you’re using your own coffee, rather than prepackaged coffee packets that will be dumped in the trash.

Price: $49


iameco v3 desktop computer

Made from 98% recyclable materials, the iameco v3 is the ultimate environmentally friendly computer. It uses LED lighting and reduces CO2 emission by 75%.

Price: Approximately $1,180


Phillips HD4644 Cordless Kettle

Tea enthusiasts can use this kettle to boil just the right amount of water. The kettle has a one-cup indicator so you know when it’s full, which, according to Phillips, can help users save energy by up to 66%.

Price: $126.44


Urbanears Plattan headphones

Urbanears wants to save the rainforest. The company teamed up with wildlife protection company Pax to make the Plattan earware. Made from leftover parts of older headphones, each purchase protects five square meters of Costa Rican rainforest.

Price: $79.90


Revolve xeMini charger

For a more multi-faceted charger, try the Revolve xeMini Universal Battery Charger. It can charge two devices at a time, plugs into outlets, is made of recycled plastics blended with bamboo fiber and has a glass encapsulated solar panel.

Price: $36.93


Soladey J3X Toothbrush

Get pearly whites with the Soladey J3X toothbrush. The product uses light, rather than batteries or cords, to power up. You can also skip the toothpaste, because the brush’s Titanium Dioxide Rod produces ions that blend with saliva to ward off plaque.


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