Everything That You Should Know About Cheap Mechanical Keyboards

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Mechanical Keyboard

For decades there is a major shift in keyboards produced by peripheral manufacturers. They are in use for a long, but today mechanical keywords are in huge demand because of the customization and quality they offer. A good investment in keyboards is essential to get comfort while typing and thus cheap mechanical keyboards are good because of tactility and response. Manufacturers make such keyboards that are classic in a model but differ in the comfort they give to the users. They help you type more accurately and quickly that is good for professionals who use them for a longer period.

Mechanical keyboard- what is it?

The mechanical keyboard is one that uses spring activated key switches to send signals. Every switch performs differently although there construction, spring, stem, and base is the same. The spring activated key switches vary according to the user preference.  The common switches used in them are blue, brown, red, and black.

Mechanical Keyboard

How do they work?

To know why they are popular you should understand their working procedure by click here where you can get in-depth details about mechanical keywords. Similar to any other keyboard their working is also pretty same. Pressing a key will show the corresponding letter on the screen. The working differs in the way how your PC receives signals. When a user presses a key, a switch is pressed down; a signal is then sent to the PC to inform which key is press by the user. The PC then pops –up until a letter on the screen.

They have no membrane, and hence mechanical switches handle each keystroke. Every key has a metal actuator and a spring. When you press, the key spring is pressed and return backs to its original position. The letter is registered in the halfway of pressing and is shown on the screen.

How do they differ from the membrane keyboard?

The first sold keyboards utilized mechanical switches that are still used today and around 90% of the market is full of them. They are inexpensive but do not provide satisfaction while typing. These are membrane keyboards. They use rubber dome mechanical switches that are not used in the mechanical keyboards. The letters are printed on the top of the dome, and its top membrane layer is of silicone keypad.

How do they work?

A circuit is created when a user types a letter that connects the upper and bottom membranes to inform the PC by sending a signal about the pressed letter. This type of designed keyboard is spill-resistant and inexpensive but lacks tactility. While typing on them, it gives a mushy typing feel and quickly wears out as well.

Mechanical Keyboard

What are the pros of mechanical keyboards?

They have few advantages over membrane keyboards that make them popular among users.

Long lifespan-

The mechanical switches in them are tested for every key. The traditional ones wear out after the 5million keypress, and that is an approx keypress whereas the mechanical ones have the lifespan of 30-70 million key presses.

No, wear out-

Apart from a long lifespan, they don’t wear out. They last for a long and remain in the same condition even after years. The key does not stick, and thus keyboard remains in good condition giving you a feel of a fresh and new mechanical keyboard.

Improved typing experience-

It offers many tweaking options, unlike the rubber dome. The mechanical switch it uses comes in different types, and thus they offer different characteristics. Some switches come with additional acoustic feedback, detectable actuation point, or some are optimized for gaming while others are for typing.


They are heavy thus more stable and robust.

So, having it is a good option for hardcore gamers and coders because of these advantages. What should one consider when getting a cheap mechanical keyboard in the market? Here is some help for you.

What to consider?

  1. Chose switches wisely

Since there are various types of mechanical switches used by the manufacturers, hence it is essential to choose wisely. Every switch is different in its way regarding its features and working. Dozens of them are available, but the popular ones are cherry MX black, cherry MX blue, and cherry MX brown.

  • Cherry MX blue actuates in halfway of pressing, so you don’t have to press the button completely and offer a click sound. This is good for writers.
  • Cherry MX black offers no audio feedback. It has a uniform actuation process. This one is good for gamers.
  • Cherry MX brown is somewhere the intermediate between blue and black. It does not offer clicking sound but offers half actuation. This is good for those who were looking for something between cherry MX blue and black.
  1. Reputable brand

Not all produced keyboards are equal in the way of working. Some manufacturers use cheap switches that imitate the sound, pressure, and feedback of top or cherry MX switches. They offer low-quality keyboards at a higher price, so it’s better to stick with the reputable brands.

  1. Ignore the hype

Don’t blindly follow the trend and buy those others are buying. Find the one that gives you a better typing experience and is perfect for your working style.

  1. Decide what you need

Mechanical keyboards are designed as per the need of users. Some users like writers need half actuation so that they can type quickly while gamers need the one with full actuation so that they don’t press any button accidentally.

  1. Is it worth paying for?

You should experiment with your need to know whether the one you are buying is worthy or not. You should know whether a high-end switch is better or cheap mechanical keyboards will work for you. Consider features, quality of keyboards, design, and brand, and many more. If you find one that has features according to your requirements, then it’s worth buying. You can get them at low costs like $60 or up to $150. Mid-grade models are available for $100 or a little more whereas high-end models are available for $150-$1500. So, the price is not what you should consider instead of looking for other essential qualities.

Look for these five things, and you can buy worthy and cheap mechanical keyboards for your purpose. You will feel a difference in your old and new keyboards that will give you a new experience of working with them.


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