Everything MacGyver Ever Needs – Now in a Tool Kit

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MacGyver tool kit

MacGyver always found a way out, regardless of the crap that he found himself in, He doesn’t use fancy gadgets like Mr. Bond or any other modern hero or superhero tools or high-tech equipment. In fact, he makes the best out of what he has and just goes with that.

Now all wannabe-MacGyver’s will be happy to know that a tool kit bearing his name has just been released. It contains an assortment of random stuff that are useful for one purpose or another, such as a bobby pin, paper clip, rubber band, birthday candle, and a square of duct tape. Suggestion: Don’t get into something you can’t get out off and I’m sure if you are clever enough to know how to get out of the situation with the square of duct tape then I’m sure you are clever enough not to get into such situation.

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