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2020 iPhone

The iPhones of 2019 just hit the markets a few months ago and we’re already starting to see reports about 2020 iPhones. We’ve collected the most important ones here. Even if these reports are correct representations of what Apple suppliers are saying, or come from leaks within Apple itself, the company’s plans can change. There’s still lots of time before the design and characteristics have to be completely set in stone. The eyes of all iPhone fans have turned to 2020 by now and started to speculate what would it bring and according to the odds a 3D camera is one of the features we could expect.


5 New iPhone Models in 2020

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a research note where he foretells that Apple will release 5 new iPhones in 2020: 5.4- and 6.1-inch models each with a double-lens camera; 6.1- and 6.7-inch models with triple-lens cameras and “time of flight sensors”; and a 4.7-inch model.

All 2020 iPhones will have OLED screens, except for the 4.7-inch model, which will come with an LCD. Also, the OLED-based phones will start shipping in the fall, while the 4.7-inch phone could be available beginning of the year.

Kuo also said that phones will have 5G support, with mmWave available in the stores where it can be used.

The 4.7-inch phone will be modeled after the iPhone 8. It will come with a Home button, an A13 processor, and a single-lens camera.

The J.P. Morgan article says that the new iPhones will support 5G, with two top-of-the-line models (one 6.1-inch and one 6.7-inch) with support for mmWave, as well as a triple-lens camera. Two low-end models will not have mmWave or World facing 3D sensing and will come with a dual-lens camera.

ETNews also said in the report that Apple will be using OLED displays from Samsung that are thinner than the displays being used right now. How that will change the overall thickness of the iPhone will be seen at the time of release. While Apple could make the iPhone much more thinner, it’s also possible that Apple could use the newly found real estate to be able to fulfill some other new tech or to enhance the size of the battery.

The J.P. Morgan report also revealed that in 2021, Apple could improve how it releases iPhones. Apple could choose to release phones twice a year, instead of the one released in the fall.

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Notch is Going Away

After Ming-Chi Kuo reports an iPhone 4 look-alike for the next phone, Twitter leakster Ben Geskin, who has a reliable track record for rumors, has unveiled an image of what he claims is “one of the 2020 iPhone prototypes.” The post doesn’t have a lot of information, but Geskin says the picture is of a smartphone with a “6.7-inch display with Face ID and TrueDepth camera system placed in the top bezel.”

The size of the phone meets up with a former Kuo rumor, but that’s not what took our attention. You don’t need to look in detail to see that there’s no notch on this render, meaning Apple would need to shorten the TrueDepth camera system into the bezel on the screen. That’s not unlikely—especially if the bezels are somewhat thicker than they are now. Plus, that would certainly pass as a “significant” design change as Kuo has said is coming. Granted, Geskin says the picture is “one of the 2020 iPhone prototypes,” which means this one might never make the final cut, but we are intrigued.



5G is almost a certainty for the 2020 iPhone, the first rumors declared that the next-generation modem would be restricted to the flagship models, meaning the XR models would still slum it with LTE. Following the purchase of Intel’s smartphone modem team for a billion dollars, those demands have changed. Now, Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that all three models will come with a 5G modem.

Apple doesn’t want to miss the bandwagon. While 5G is restricted to a few models of high-end Android phones in 2019 Kuo sees 5G becoming much more common among Apple’s rivals, leading the company to catch up with the development of 5G. Specifically, he sees the prices of 5G Android phones “will decline to $249-349 USD in 2H20,” which will put stress on Apple to give support for the network in all three of next year’s iPhones. Kuo also believes that the new team of some 2,000 members of Intel’s smartphone modem unit will help Apple’s development of 5G.

For more on 5G, check out 5G FAQ.

But it won’t be cheap. While most Android smartphones will feature support for so “sub-6Ghz” 5G, many will require support for the higher bandwidth mmWave, meaning you’d need to purchase a new phone when your carrier supports it. Apple’s iPhone modem will reportedly support both frequencies, actually making it future-proofing it for the 5G release. But it will cost you more. Whether that means it’ll have a more important starting point or the 5G option will simply be another line, we are not sure, but you should surely expect to pay more for 5G inside your new 2020 iPhone.


Time-of-Flight Camera

A new report from Digitimes declares that “Apple has asked its supply chain partner to supply VCSEL for use in rear ToF camera lens in its mobile phones to be released in 2020, according to supply chain sources.”

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Debby Wu, said in a research note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

VCSEL means Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser. It’s a type of semiconductor that transmits a low-power laser. It’s used in many consumer devices today for range-finding; to assist in AR, Apple would use a more complicated chip that fires a large grid of lasers, then estimates the time-of-flight for that light to define distance. Effectively, this would create a low-res “image” where each pixel has depth info instead of color.

It’s an effective way to get a much more detailed 3D representation of the scene in front of the camera, which is helpful in computation photography and particularly in augmented reality.


5G Modems Are Coming

Apple will also add 5G modems to the iPhone 12, though Kuo says the quicker connectivity will be restricted to the XS and XS Max, with the XR, will come with the LTE 4G. He also writes that Apple is also developing its own 5G modem, which the company hopes will be available by 2022 or 2023 and won’t be relying on Qualcomm’s new 5G modems.

Now that Apple has resolved its a long-running dispute with Qualcomm, it should be back on track to use the company’s new-generation 5G modem in 2020 iPhones. When Apple was particularly using Intel modems, its 5G fate was in disbelief, as Intel reportedly kept dropping important 5G development breakthroughs.


A lower price

We hope for this every year but It’s actually not possible that we could see an even lower price – or a discounted price for the rest of the range – with the iPhone 12.

We don’t count on it and I don’t think that will happen, but Apple’s more pocket-friendly phones are mainly its best-selling in recent years, so there should be some motivation to make them cheaper where feasible.

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