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The first thing you’re likely to hear about Alter Army actually has nothing to do with the game itself. In fact, it has to do with the creators. When two then-14-year-olds came together to craft their very own game, no one had expected Mridul Pancholi and Mridul Bansal to craft a game worthy of listing on Steam. However, with said creation Alter Army having been released on that very platform on August 6th, 2018, they’ve officially reached dizzying heights for their age. Not bad, if we do say so ourselves. With the game having recently hit the market, we’ve decided to take a deeper look into what you can expect from this new 2D platform offering.

The Allure Of ‘New’

If there’s one type of game currently saturating the market and providing an interesting battleground, its platform games. With retro gaming well and truly making a comeback, it’s not unusual to see indie games come and go in the blink of an eye, but Alter Army is offering something that many other platform games seem to lack – something new.

Finding the best new games is never easy, especially when seeking something unique to capture attention. Mobile apps, for example, tend to take ‘new’ to extremes. With constant updates with new themes, gameplay features, and bug fixes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a description in the app store that doesn’t begin with “NEW”.

Console and PC games work in similar ways, with even the most epic, established and detailed storylines being consistently refreshed with new downloadable content. By adding DLC to an existing game, consoles can keep players interesting for far longer than the set hours.

The gambling industry, with their flashy neon signs also guilty of exploiting the allure of all things ‘new’. Though the influx of new online casinos can oversaturate an already busy market, by offering new games, updates, and designs, even those who spend a lot of time on these sites can find something unique to play and new features to exploit. Offering something entirely new seems to be the given way to attract attention in an over-saturated market, but how does Alter Army offer this, you ask? Let’s explore.

The Design

The 2D platform layout is nothing new and this isn’t the first pixelated game to grace the markets, but what Alter Army does feature is unusual characters, punchy graphics and a rock-based soundtrack that will have you want to battle alongside one of the main characters, one of whom wields a chargeable guitar that can send enemies flying with a wave of energy and a giant named simply ‘Hmm’. These unique characters with equally as unique abilities are designed with simplicity in mind but hold an interesting complexity that certainly caters to the public craving for something new.

Alter Army

The Story

Alter Army follows the characters through a dying civilization, which, let’s be honest, seems like a pretty familiar storyline. However, while the setting is certainly something that too many games are utilizing as of late, you aren’t given any information as to why the civilization is dying, or even why you’re walking around collecting crystals as part of the gameplay. This mystery is what adds a unique depth to this game and with four different biomes to explore including Forest, Snow, Mutated Forest and Hell (Yes, really!) you’ll never be lost on new story elements to explore.

Alter Army

The Gameplay

 There are an impressive 50 unique monsters that all have their own attacks, meaning you’re never lost for new things to tackle. Every monster, including each boss, will feature their very own unique attack forms and it’s up to you to fight them off using the protagonist’s very own unique abilities! What’s more, every time you collect a crystal, the available space will shrink and you’ll have to face a monster so fans of combat games are certainly spoiled for action here. With NPCs each having their own storylines too, including a dark figure urinating blood, Alter Army is clearly a well thought out game with plenty to explore.

Alter Army

Considering that Vague Pixels are newcomers to the indie market, these two 16-year-olds have certainly proven that they can put together an incredible game without the hefty budget of a larger brand. Epic storylines, unique graphics and the call of something new all make up this incredible game and we can’t wait to get playing.



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