Everything You Need To Know About New Xbox Console, Project Scarlett

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 Project Scarlett

Are you ready for an all new Xbox. Microsoft gave more information about its upcoming new powerful Xbox video game console, codenamed Scarlett, in a show ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as it’s known, in Los Angeles Sunday. The new gadget will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X and powered by an AMD chip.

Microsoft said the latest console will be able to offer frame rates up to 120 frames per second, or twice the average TV. The new console will also include a solid-state drive, Microsoft said, meaning the device will load games much quicker than through its older hard drives.

“A console should be built and optimized for one thing and one thing only: Gaming,” Xbox head Phil Spencer said during the company’s presentation.

Microsoft said its new Xbox will release with the company’s next big upcoming space war game, Halo Infinite.

Microsoft’s next Xbox, expected to land on retail shelves next year, is coming at a time of transition in the video game world. Microsoft and Sony have both announced plans to release next-generation video game consoles, following up on their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 devices, first released in 2013. But newcomers are aiming to change the video game world too and may offer new competition.


Google in March revealed a new gaming service called Stadia, which allows players to stream games over the internet in the same way we stream movies over Netflix now. Stadia doesn’t require a video game console to work, and it’ll be free to use when you buy a game from Google, essentially side-stepping the idea of plugging a console into your television.

Now, game developers have said internet connections around the world aren’t strong enough for game streaming yet, which is why Microsoft and Sony still plan to offer them.

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