Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch 5.0 Firmware

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has recently released the firmware update 5.0, which is now available to download for the Nintendo Switch and the update will introduce many minor changes to your gaming system.

Firstly, the update has added a new feature to help you connect with your Facebook and Twitter friends called Friend Suggestions. This feature will look into the social media accounts you have linked to your Nintendo Account, and will then suggest people who also own a Nintendo Switch. You can view your friend suggestions by going through the HOME Menu>User Page> Friend Suggestions. To ensure the safety of users, Nintendo recommends that only players who are 13 years old or older, should use this feature.

Next, Nintendo will come with 24 new ARMS and Kirby series icons for your user icons, and a new feature that lets players filter news from specified channels or to just view unread ones. In addition, purchases made via PC or through a smartphone will download sooner than before, even if your Switch is in Sleep Mode.

In terms of making the Switch more secure for younger kids, several Parental Control measures were also put in place. To ensure that the Parental Controls PIN remains private, the update has changed the default way of entering your code by using the Control Stick and buttons, instead of using the on-screen number pad. Furthermore, captured videos in the Album are now restricted via your Restricted Software settings and Software Rating Organization. In addition, you can now add certain titles to your whitelist, which will exclude the game from the console’s Parental Controls Restricted Software setting. However, the play-time limit will still apply to whitelisted titles.

Lastly, players will now receive notifications when their pre-purchased software is now ready to play, and the Controllers menu has been overhauled to show the grip colors of your Pro Controller.


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