Everything You Need To Know About Red Dead Online: Blood Money Update

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Red Dead Online Blood Money

It’s an important day for Red Dead Online, as the multiplayer game’s big Blood Money update is released on console and PC. As announced previously, Blood Money is centered on seedy enterprises, as players “experience the darker side of frontier America.”

You will take part in robberies, shakedowns, and other “lawless” actions, and you’ll be paid for your mean deeds. Here’s everything we know about Red Dead Online: Blood Money. First, check out the trailer.

Guido Martelli, the underboss to Angelo Bronte, is trying to raise his standing in Saint Denis and is hiring soldiers to do the crimes for him. Players who perform these crimes will earn Capitale, which is described as a “rare black market commodity.”

The crimes are multi-part missions, and the first three will be available at release, with 3 more to come later.

You can go to Sean Macguire, Anthony Foreman, Joe, and James Langton to take on these crimes by yourself or with up to 6 others from the game’s new Free Roam mission menu.

You can take on Martelli’s contracts across Red Dead Online’s five states to collect this Capitale–and often through brutal, unsavory means. You have to take down other criminals to claim the Capitale, or you might need to attack camps. You can also find Capitale in chests and homesteads everywhere in the game.

You can also get special contracts that yield more generous stashes of Capitale, and also get you the honor of Martelli. If you earn enough respect, you might be asked to take on what are known as Opportunities. These are “larger” schemes created up by Martelli in a bid to take down a political foe by taking jewels.

One of the Opportunities is part of the Jewels of the West series, the game’s first train robbery mission for its online mode. This is the first of three designed Opportunities for Red Dead Online’s Jewels of the West.

The Opportunities have 3 difficulty levels you can choose from–Standard, Hard, and Ruthless–and they can be played alone or with up to three others. You need to have sufficient Capitale to start an Opportunity, and beginning one comes at a cost of Capitale, too. However, the rewards may be sufficient, especially if you play at a higher difficulty.

Rockstar also mentioned that, in addition to the mission-specific contracts, there will be randomly triggered events in Red Dead Online that players may stumble upon to earn more Capitale. What’s more, the developer said a big difference with the Blood Money update is that all missions will be available at the onset (after you’ve met Martelli), and you don’t need to purchase a pre-requisite item to get started.

Also of note, Rockstar will sell an optional Hired Gun Kit that comes with Capitale, ammo, consumables, and a bandana, for players looking to get started more quickly.


The Quick Draw Club

It is revealed in Blood Money, the Quick Draw Club is defined as a “series of four distinct rapid-fire passes” that seems like the game’s take on battle passes.

Each Club is themed around criminal action to match the character of Blood Money. Each comes with access to 25 ranks of rewards, for a price of 25 gold bars. You can get all 25 back if they fulfill all 25 ranks. Everyone who buys all four Quick Draw Club passes will get the Halloween Pass 2 for free when it’s released.

Here is a summary of the four parts of The Quick Draw Club.


The Quick Draw Club No. 1 (July 13-August 9)

  • Dutch’s Redcliff Outfit
  • The Whitchurch Cattleman Revolver Variant
  • The Rushword Shirt
  • Up to 25 Gold Bars back

The Quick Draw Club No. 2 (August 10-September 6)

  • The Rowberrow Outfit
  • The Haverhill Hat
  • Cartridge Wraps
  • Up to 25 Gold Bars back

The Quick Draw Club No. 3 (September 7-October 4)

  • The Beadnell Sight
  • The Bagshot Knife
  • The Layham Jacket
  • Up to 25 Gold Bars back

The Quick Draw Club No. 3 (October 5-October 27)

  • The Ibarra Mauser Pistol Variant
  • The Huntingdock Coat
  • The Forester Poncho
  • Up to 25 Gold Bars back



The Blood Money update comes with the Grammy-nominated blues artist Christone “Kingfish” Ingram as an NPC in the role of a dark guitar player. Eagle-eyed fans might have already got a sight of him in the Blood Money announcement trailer.

In addition to Crimes and Opportunities, Red Dead Online: Blood Money adds a series of more modest, welcome quality-of-life changes to the experience. Which include:

  • A new menu system that lets you choose Free Roam missions and Blood Money missions from the Free Roam Mission Givers tab
  • A new matchmaking tool called The Nominated Series; allows players to “nominate” a mode and then jump into a matchmaking hopper with the chosen mode and others selected by other players.
  • New daily challenges
  • New awards
  • Nvidia DLSS support for compatible graphics cards
  • A new tint for the Torras poncho can be purchased at stores across the game
  • Skill and satchel pamphlets are available to buy from the Fence.

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