Everything You Wanted to Know About Casino Bonuses

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One of the perks of gambling at online casinos is the fact that you get incredible bonuses and promotions. Unlike physical casinos that offer you drinks, online casinos offer you cash bonuses, and sometimes you can get very large ones. The thing is, the online casino industry is pretty saturated and every casino is looking to make money and entice more customers. Bonuses are one of the best ways to do this.


The casino matters a lot

It’s not so much about the bonus you get, but the online casino that gives it to you. If it’s a reputable and well-established casino you can’t go wrong with the bonuses. Some online casinos are reputable while others or not and you may find ones that are not advertising larger bonuses. However, they will frustrate you in the long run and you might not even get that bonus.


The wagering requirements

Wagering requirements determine the value of the bonus. If the casino is offering a huge bonus with unrealistic terms, then it will definitely not be worth your time. Don’t base your decision on how big the bonus is, but on the wagering requirements. Most casinos ask players to roll the bonus a few times before cashing it out. Some casinos require that you wager your deposit and bonus amount several times before you cash out instead of just the bonus or the deposit alone. An incredible deal could require wagering between 30 to 40 times of the bonus amount.


The games allowed for that bonus

Some time ago, it was possible to get bonuses that allowed all games, so people could take advantage by playing the games they’re incredibly good at. However, those days are long gone and you’ll find limitations on all the games you can watch other bonuses on. Most casinos only allow slot machines. Some of the welcome bonuses may allow you to wager more games, but they will count partially. For instance, you may find that blackjack will count for only 5% of the money wagered while slots have a larger percentage.


The size of the bonus

Even though the size of the bonus should not be the first determining factor, it’s still very significant. This is because the larger it is the more money you will potentially make. You may get bonuses between $200 and $2000, which is pretty awesome. High rollers actually get more than that but they are required to stake very high.


Time offered to play through the bonus

Despite the fact that different casinos are very friendly when it comes to the time given to clear bonuses, some give you just a week and it might not be enough for you to meet the wagering requirements. This means you need to check the time offered before you claim a bonus.


Cashable and non-cashable bonuses

There is one important thing that you need to understand about bonuses because the difference is quite significant. While you can withdraw cashable bonuses, you cannot withdraw non-cashable bonuses, even after beating the wagering requirements. If you can’t withdraw the bonus then you can use it to boost your bankroll and play higher stakes that could offer you a bigger winning. However, if you prefer to withdraw your bonus then check whether it is cashable before claiming it.


Be a responsible gambler

Despite the fact that casinos will offer you very enticing bonuses, don’t get wrapped up in the thrill and excitement of winning because you may lose a lot of money in the process. Always have a limit for yourself so you don’t lose the money you can’t afford to lose. Most casino websites will offer you responsible gambling guidelines and they will allow you to set deposit limits or even freeze your gambling account when things become tough.

If you notice you have an addiction, you may contact the customer services of the casino and they may be able to help you manage your account or even close it down. Gambling is very entertaining and tempting but tries not to get wrapped up in it just because they are incredible bonuses on offer.

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