EVIL DEAD: THE GAME Q&A With Bruce Campbell

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Geoff Keighley did a Q&A with Saber Interactive’s CCO, Tim Willits, and horror-star Bruce Campbell about their new project, Evil Dead: The Game. In the interview, Campbell offers a lot of information into what makes this game better than previous ones set in the series and what gamers and fans can expect in terms of fan service.

There are four playable versions of Ash, each having its own class and power sets. Campbell says he even had to adjust his performance depending on which version he was recording to make it as accurate as possible! Having many of the real actors who portrayed the characters on-screen come back for their characters in-game was another part of making the title true to the movie franchise.

In the Q&A, Campbell points out that no matter how amazing they make the game, they understand that there are always going to be different opinions on how things are done and that they’re hoping fans to be about 80%-82% happy about the game. What really felt awesome about it though is that he said fans will know that they care about them and think about them when it comes to making the game.

The entire Q&A is worth a watch.

Evil Dead: The Game will release in February 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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