EVIL WEST Release Date Revealed In New Trailer

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Flying Wild Hog and Focus Home Entertainment bring their creative mind to an all-new third-person vampire-hunting game, Evil West. The wild west supernatural action-packed game has just announced its release date with a new gameplay trailer and it’s coming out this September 20th!

Evil West is about the lead Vampire Hunter, Jesse Rentier, on a quest to rid the United States of the sinister vampire threat. Jesse will bring his monster-hunting crafts and a whole arsenal of weapons on this wild journey of the vampiric slaughter. Players will be able to wield different firearms, gadgets, and a lightning-fueled gauntlet.

The trailer revealed some monsters dining on helpless townspeople and unadulterated chaos abrupting. There are a bit more story details shed in the trailer, giving the spotlight to our leading man. Apparently, Jesse is under his father’s wing in the monster-hunting enterprise and there is a lot of stress on him to end the vampire war.

A map is shown in the trailer showing numerous cities in the United States and a priority on Washington D.C. Maybe we will see Jesse travel all over the U.S. on his vampire hunting quest?

Evil West is coming out on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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