EwinRacing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

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Champion Series

This must be the most comfortable chair you will ever own. We all spent most of our time sitting on our desks, working, playing Fortnite and what not, I had many chairs for gaming over the years and none was so comfortable or inviting me to work or just to rest on it, it is truly a comfortable place to be. I don’t think I will ever go back to the subpar chairs ever. This one has ruined me for mediocrity.

I have to say I wanted to get my hands on an actual gaming chair for a long time and all this comfort was long overdue. Champion Series gaming chairs from EWin is made with serious gamers in mind.

EWin’s designs imitate the familiar aesthetic of brands like DXRacer, The Champion series is a solid chair that’s not too costly and offers lots of functionality to help your game or work in pure comfortability.

EWin’s designs imitate the familiar aesthetic of brands like DXRacer, The Champion series is a solid chair that’s not too costly and offers lots of functionality to help your game or work in pure comfortability. If you want to check out other gaming chairs for comparison, try WePC’s reviews for more information and see what’s currently best on the market.

It is really easy to assemble

The EWin Champion does need some assembly out of the box like any other chair you order, to get the base, seat, armrests, and cushions into a single unit. You can pay about $83 to have a professional assemble for you, but putting this PC gaming chair together was so easy that it executes “professional assembly” totally irrelevant. It will take you a few minutes to assemble.

Some of the instructions along the way were a little complicated, though. It seems like they were tailored for a model that was slightly different than the one I had, and some parts didn’t quite go together with those instructions said they should. Once we got that sorted out, though, the rest of the construction was fast and painless.

It was really easy to assemble and that made me a little concerned that the chair might not be structurally sound without a ton of complex mechanisms to hold it together. But so far it is sounds like a hover dam.

The way it looks and feels

This is a pretty sleek looking chair. The faux leather covering and it actually feels nice to the touch and is easy to keep it clean, so no more permanent Cheetos marks on the chair — and you can snack between matches or eat lunch at your desk without worrying about smudges or sticky chair cloth.

It is a brilliant fit for racing aesthetic, and the colors are about as vibrant as you’d want them to be, they are alive and vibrant. The GameSkinny red accents on my gaming chair pop nicely against the solid black body. The colors are not the center of the attraction, the armrests are strong and nicely textured as well and they look good.

EWin paid close attention to the quality of its chairs for gaming. Even the stitching is clean, tight, and carefully hidden. You have to work hard to wear this thing out it is strong and sturdy as a bull.

EwinRacing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review


It is relatively easy to assemble sure. It is all good but is its sleek design any good? I have to say yes.

There is a number of ways to set your chair to suit your needs, whatever they are. You can adjust the height like a standard office chair, but you can also tweak a number of other structural aspects to get more comfort and support out of your seat.

The back cushion goes up and down so you can be in the best position it wherever you most need lumbar support. This is a huge help for people who suffer from chronic back pains — especially in places where the lower back needs far more support than the average person. I would have liked to see the same range of movement with the head pillow, but that part still fits my posture perfectly, so I have no issues at all, and I am happy with my sitting position.

You can also set the reclining angle of the chair so that you’re sitting slightly back, slightly forward, or in whatever position works for you. Or you can do what I did, and lean it all the way back and look at your ceiling while game matches you up with suitable players which will take forever.

There are many customization options but I am the most impressed with the armrests than anything else. The best part? You are free to move them anywhere as you like. Slide them ahead or back so they sit where your elbows typically rest. Move them up or down to suit the height of your desk and keyboard I have a high table and I had no issues aligning it with the table, unlike other chairs. Push them inside or outward to make a wider or shorter depends on your need at the time, they are there to make you comfortable whatever your need is. There is no way of going wrong with EWin’s Champion computer gaming chair.

It is truly most comfortable

It comes with plenty of options packed into one chair, but you ask is it really comfortable? Can it keep your body feeling held even during long gaming sessions?

After vigorous gaming and working at the same time I have to say it holds its end of the bargain.

I’ve got some lower back issues because of prolonged sitting since I was a teen. So proper support is huge for me– and I’d be the first to notice if something wasn’t up to the task. But where most office chairs hurt my lower back and make me uncomfortable in a short time, I could spend loads of time in the EWin Champion without feeling any sort of discomfort or pain.

If you’re watching a movie or just simply using Twitter or something that doesn’t require your active position on the seat, the headrest seems to work great when you tilt the chair a little towards the back. I have seen some episodes of Netflix’s Maniac on it and I have to say it is more comfortable to watch on this chair than on my sofa. The headrest was doing what it suppose to do, held my head like a mother and my back was in its natural position.

I knew this chair is up to the task when the uncomfortable sensation that usually happens in my lower back after being seated for long periods of time started to disappear the more I sat in it.

If you’re a sloucher, you might feel a fair amount of distress at first, as this chair is clearly not one that you can hunch over it. And it will require some time doing so myself — especially during really serious Fortnite sessions. But the support and the lumbar cushion made it much more comfortable to pull myself upright and find comfort in a position that didn’t make me look like a grandma.

EWin’s Champion chair offers continued comfort — You have to find a sweet spot for yourself and once you got it, that is it. It’s got excellent rolling skills to boot! With a wireless headset and relatively polished floors, I am rolling on the floor like a Bladerunner.

Now, this is something limited to skinny people, I feel like the chair is a little broad, and I am not saying it is not good, it gives you some space to move and adjust your sitting position. But I just feel like, a more condensed design that’s touching your body from the sides might have been better. But for a normal healthy person, this side cushions is a godsend

The back tilt system is very convenient for various postures. Like I can have my legs put on some box or stuff and have a back tilted back a bit and use my tablet or mobile for various stuff. It’s very comfortable in that position. Also, even though, the chair does go 180 degrees flat, I like my bed for sleeping in but this chair wants me to take naps on it, she is so inviting.

So, Final Verdict

EWin may not be the most recognizable name in the chairs for gaming market but I have to say it is one underdog which you going to love and value for your money, The Champion model is simply awesome but there are more versions available on the official Ewin website to suit your specific needs. It is a comfortable package with your every need in mind. It looks nice, feels even better, and is fully customizable to give you the best seating experience you will ever need. If you need something to help you sit tight through hours of working and gaming sessions, this is definitely one you’ll want to consider if you are in the market for a comfortable gaming chair.

The EWin Champion will cost you $$289 after discount But do check out the official EWin store page for it, This chair is going to stay with you the longest and it is not that expensive to think about it twice.


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