Expert Tips on How to Replace Your MacBook Battery

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Do you notice your MacBook dying often? Does it now have a much lower running time than usual? Does it overheat despite having no software or hardware issues?

Then you may need to consider replacing your MacBook battery.

On average, the maximum cycle count of most MacBook Pro models is around 1,000. The same thing goes for MacBook Air models from 2010 and beyond. The older models, however, range from 300 to 500 cycle counts.

These, of course, vary depending on the owner’s usage. Nevertheless, once the cycle count of your MacBook nears its limit, you need to prepare for a battery replacement. But how do you replace your MacBook’s battery?

Continue reading below as we share with you some expert tips.

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Understanding The MacBook Battery

Before we teach you how to replace a Mac battery, let us first discuss the different battery types. There is an appropriate way of changing MacBook Pro battery pieces for each type. Let’s go through each one of them:


The Built-In Type

You will find the built-in batteries if you are using a MacBook Pro from 2009 onward. The problem with this type of battery is the way Apple installed them inside the laptop. The manufacturers glued the battery into the inner part of the laptop.

Hence, taking it out may require the help of a professional. Nevertheless, we will teach you how to pull it off later on.


The Removable Type

If there is a built-in type of battery, there is also the removable type. You will normally find this type of battery in MacBooks that are from 2008 and earlier. Moreover, if your MacBook doesn’t feature a retina display, then it comes with a removable battery.

Generally, a latched panel and a set of screws keep the battery in place. You can check this setup at the underside of your MacBook’s chassis. As for the pricing, replacement batteries for these older Mac models range from $50 to $80 each.


2018 And Beyond

If you bought a brand new MacBook in 2018 or later, you can replace its battery even with all the glue and everything. Apple constructed these later models with batteries that are easier to remove using special tools.

Moreover, removing MacBook Pro battery pieces in later models does not require you to replace the top case in its entirety.

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Replacing Your MacBook Battery: How Experts Do It

As we mentioned earlier, changing MacBook Pro battery parts is not that easy. It involves certain steps that you need to follow to the smallest detail. Check out our expert tips that will help you replace your MacBook battery in minutes:


Items You Need

First, you need to prepare a few things before opening your MacBook. Make sure you have the right replacement battery in hand. The key is to order the exact battery that you will replace.

You also need a screwdriver. Go for a Phillips #00 screwdriver for the best results. You will also need a plastic opening tool, as well as a Y1 tri-wing screwdriver.


Removing The Battery

After preparing all the tools, shut down your laptop completely. This means no lights should be on once you close the MacBook’s lid. If you lift the screen, it shouldn’t turn on.

Next, go to the underside of your MacBook. At the bottom, you will see 10 screws. Take your Phillips screwdriver and unscrew them one by one.

Take note of the three longer screws. They will only fit on the holes near the vent at the backside of your laptop.

Thereafter, get your plastic opening tool and wedge it between the vent and the laptop’s lower case. Slowly lift the vent upward. This will release the clips that hold the upper and lower cases together.

Switch your attention to the battery. Slowly disconnect it from the logic board by grabbing the plastic tab that connects to the battery. Pull the plastic towards your MacBook’s front.

This step will keep the board from short-circuiting.

Take your Y1 tri-wing screwdriver and remove the three tri-wing screws. These are the three 6.5 mm screws that keep the battery in the upper case in place.

Get your plastic opening tool and gently use it to lift a corner of the warning sticker. This is the sticker that says “Warning: Do not remove the battery.” Do not remove the sticker completely.

Complete the removal by lifting the battery using the clear pull-tab. Slowly remove it from the upper case before placing it inside an anti-static bag.

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Installing The New One

Take the new battery and slowly place it in the empty battery slot. Get the three 6.5 mm screws and secure the battery against the upper case. This is also the time to place the warning sticker on the new battery.

After screwing the 6.5 mm screws, reconnect the battery to the logic board. Thereafter, put the MacBook back into the lower case. Secure everything using the remainder of the screws.


Your Other Options

Even if you already know how to replace a MacBook Pro battery, you still have the option to go for other alternatives. First, you can use your Apple Warranty. If your MacBook is still under warranty, you can use it to replace your battery, free of charge.

However, Apple will only replace the battery if the latter is faulty or showing visible signs of degradation.

Another option is through the Apple battery replacement programs. Talk to someone from Apple if your laptop qualifies.

Lastly, you may head to a trusted computer repair shop like Fruit Fixed. This option is cheaper if your laptop is no longer under warranty. Third-party technicians charge cheaper when it comes to their services.

The downside in taking this route is the replacement parts that they use. The key is to pick a repair shop that sources the replacement batteries from reputable sources.


Keep Your Mac In Excellent Condition

Knowing how to replace your MacBook battery will save you a lot of money if your laptop is past warranty. It will also save you time that you will spend going to the repair shop. But learning how to replace your laptop’s battery is only one of the many things you need to learn.

Discover more ways to keep your Mac in great condition by reading our other blog posts. We provide tips and tricks that will help improve your MacBook’s performance.


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