Exploring the Relationship Between Video Games and Slots

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As a form of entertainment, video games occupy a curious place. Existing as an artform so comparatively young, each game tends to be underestimated, even when hits can completely reshape the industries’ form. Taking this idea a step further, these games can even have strong effects on other sectors, such as the world of online casinos. Taking a look at this relationship, we want to explore the similarities of these two industry giants, and what shared aspects are essential to their mutual success.


A Background of Evolution

Setting the groundwork for this relationship is the shared technological background of both slot games and the video game market. For an illustration of this idea, consider the range of slots at Betfair Casino. While these titles might not directly borrow the name of game franchises, the included titles like Mystery Museum and Gold Cash follow a similar historical legacy. Each of these titles has to lean into the strength of evolving hardware, each needs to push the envelope of what they offer, and each needs to understand the processing limitations of host systems. It’s a difficult balancing act, one which video games and slots have had to follow closely.

Final Fantasy V box

The Place of Inspiration

Going deeper into this combination then raises questions about the constant concern for new ideas. There are some instances, such as Age of the Gods for slots and Final Fantasy for video games, where an established legacy is enough to keep a title on the main stage. For the vast majority of games, however, each needs to find a place in the market that either hasn’t been explored or at least that hasn’t been explored in a unique way.

Over time, as the market is filled with more and more titles, this task becomes increasingly challenging. One of the biggest examples of this in AAA gaming could be seen in the Call of Duty series, which Venture Beat called stagnating a decade ago. Yet, despite what was stagnation at the time, the series continues to be one the biggest in the gaming landscape.

Finding success in this market was just like what happened in slots, in that within-genre inspiration moved the market to new frontiers. For Call of Duty this meant exploring different places and times. For slots, these changes have been about introducing new quality of life changes and adapting to what Text Request notes is an explosive smartphone market.

Call of duty black ops

With both digital slots and video games being so young in the entertainment world, it makes sense that they’ve experienced challenges and occasional growing pains. The surprising factor to come out of this is that both have rapidly grown to industry sizes that few would have seen coming. Today, both the online slots and video game markets are worth billions and share key components despite being so different on a surface level.

As undeniable as this growth has been, what’s even more curious is where they might head next. With promises of growing VR and AR integration in both, the future of slots and video games could be unrecognizable from what players enjoy today, and that’s an exciting thing. Who knows, we might even see a scenario where cross-overs between the two markets become the rule, rather than the exception.

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