Facebook Dislike Button Will Become A Reality Soon

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Facebook Dislike Button Will Become A Reality Soon

There is a lot of negativity on Facebook as it is and with this button I am seeing cat fights to man fights, They should make another security division at Facebook too after this button makes it way online.  Facebook didn’t want rampant negativity spread across their addictive social media website since it will reduce the user’s tendency to access it again and again. The company finally caved in to the demands of the users and Mark Zuckerberg stated for the first time that Facebook was working on it.

During a Tuesday Q&A session with at the Town Hall near his Menlo Park Headquarters of Facebook, he was asked a direct question by a user regarding additional buttons on Facebook like “interested”, “dislike” or even “I’m sorry”. Zuckerberg must have made up his mind before and he promptly said that he has finally understood the demand for such a button cannot be suppressed anymore and he was currently working on it.

Zuckerberg is right in saying that not everyday is a good day and people got to have the ability to express all of their feelings about a particular topic. If one can’t express all their negative feelings en mass in the form of a dislike button, many sentiments won’t be conveyed to the various pages and users. This is actually beneficial in understanding the human behavior regarding products, services and other general ideas. Now, will see how that goes. What you think?


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