Facebook’s Aquila Solar Powered Plane Revealed

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Facebook’s Aquila Solar Powered Plane Revealed

Facebook has revealed details on their plans to bring internet around the world, the company has released a photo of Aquila, their solar-powered plane.

The Facebook Aquila solar-powered plane was developed in the UK it has the same wingspan as a Boeing 737, but it weighs a lot less.

A full-scale version of Aquila — the high-altitude, long-endurance aircraft designed by our aerospace team in the UK — is now complete and ready for flight testing. Aquila has the wingspan of a 737 but weighs hundreds of times less, thanks to its unique design and carbon-fiber frame. When deployed, it will be able to circle a remote region for up to 90 days, beaming connectivity down to people from an altitude of 60,000 to 90,000 feet.

The company also announced that they have also had a breakthrough in their laser project and can now deliver Internet speeds of 10 Gbps.


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