Factors to Oversee Before Getting a Mobile App

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Mobile app development has come extremely crucial for businesses all over the world. Not only has it grown in the IT sector, but a number of businesses today also use mobile applications to boost the potential of their businesses. Thanks to mobile phones, which have been our constant companion in our daily lives, businesses have also shifted to the mobile platform to provide their services in a more effective, portable and fast manner.

However, mobile applications are not made in a single day. They take time, as well as money. And there is no guarantee that your application will be a hit with the audience. A great application is unique and differs from the rest. A well-made application must have great mobile app design and should offer a user experience that is convenient and easy-to-use.

If you are not a developer yourself, it can be hard to know what goes into making an application successful, which is why you must always look for experienced professionals. When hiring developers for your task, you can hire either an expert freelancer or a digital app development agency. Both have their own perks and some downsides.

Things to Know

An expert freelancer may have worked on a varied number of projects, so he/she might be able to put up something unique for you. Moreover, as a single individual, your cost for development can be lower, however, the app might take more time than usual to develop due to only a single person working on it. On the other hand, an app development agency has probably worked with some big names in the industry. They know how to provide the full documentation, the procedures and have the capability and team to handle the process. The delivery will be timely though it might cost you a bit more than a freelance developer would.

Aside from this, you also have to decide on which mobile platform will you be releasing your application on. It can be either on Android, or iOS or both. The cost of development on each of these operating system varies. As iOS has a more controlled production and distribution across limited devices that only Apple manufactures, it is easy for the developers to create an app that looks great on iPhones and other Apple devices. The same is not the case with Android, as multiple customized copies of Android work on a large range of devices. And all of these devices are owned by different companies with different hardware. It is hard to make an app that works equally great on all the devices, which is why you have to usually select a range of devices and make the app work on it.

Due to these reasons, iOS development may cost you less than Android development, however, Android has a wide reach and users, which can be a great marketing platform. You can also go for development on both the platforms, but again, that can be costly.

Another thing that you have to know about your application and must discuss with the developers is the complexity of the application. An application can provide simple, complex or advanced functionality depending upon its types. A book reading app is simple, while an e-commerce app needs to have multiple pages, a catalog, must display a list of items, all their details, should have a cart, a login portal, payment system, and security encryptions to save personal details. As the number of desired features goes up, so does the cost of your app development process. This is why you must discuss each functionality with your developer before getting the app developed. This can save you quite some money, while the developers save time on his side.


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