FALLING OUT Announced A Free Playable Demo is Available

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This new fun game is inspired by the 16-bit gaming era’s charm, PolyCrunch Games and Firestoke are getting ready to unleash their game FALLING OUT. Designed to be played either solo or with a friend in co-op, this amazing little game has rogue-lite and is aiming to be released on PC and console in 2022. To help push the first announcement, they have released a free demo on Steam today.

Take control of two accidental adventurers, Giorgio and Felicie, as you explore ancient kingdoms, discover treasures, take on ghastly creatures and try to avoid traps. The dream getaway has quickly turned into a holiday from hell, so ditch the itinerary because you’ll now need to choose your own path. Navigate through procedurally generated temples that are spread with amazing obstacles and challenges. All delivering the perfect balance of risk and reward.

FALLING OUT doesn’t have a set release date, but you can try out the game today with their demo on PC via Steam.

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