Fallout 4 Demo to be Shown at E3

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Fallout 4

Bethesda confirmed that they would be at E3 2015 and naturally this leads many to speculate that the company would finally unveil Fallout 4.

According to PCGames from Germany, their sources say that Bethesda will be showing off a 20-30 minute demo of Fallout 4 behind closed doors. Only to select members of the press. Well, that sounds like a viable strategy. Companies sometimes do reveal details to the press before the public/ This allows them to write up a review and have it ready for publishing as soon as the game is released, for instance.

That could be the case here. If this is true, Bethesda may still have something for the public. Maybe it will just be a trailer or a teaser. E3 2015 will be taking place early next month so we will know for sure then.



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