Fallout: New Vegas is Coming Back With Fallout 4 Engine

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Fallout: New Vegas

Team F4NV is creating a mod that will bring back the Fallout: New Vegas to life using the Fallout 4 engine. How cool is that! as a fan, I cannot wait for the mod. In the video below you will see many-core systems from New Vegas working perfectly.

This is not surprising at all that New Vegas is getting a facelift from fans because it is the most popular version of the game in the history of the franchise. In the trailer, you can see that players are able to enter the original starting town from New Vegas known as ‘Goodsprings’ and interact with NPCs, in this case, they fire on an innocent settler to show off the battle and the fan-favorite return on the Karma system. Even the Radio New Vegas radio channel from the game can be heard in the background as players travel across the terrain.

No release date for the mod is been given out yet but it looks like the plan is to bring the entirety of New Vegas into the Fallout 4 creation engine. If you want to follow the developments of this mod you can follow their Facebook page and their youtube channel for more information.

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