Fan-Made UNCHARTED Movie Shows Nathan Fillion Is Nathan Drake

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Nathan Fillion

Some Uncharted fans showed their approval of seeing Nathan Fillion as the quirky treasure hunter and series protagonist Nathan Drake. The actor himself voiced his interest in portraying Nate in the upcoming film adaptation of the game. Unfortunately, Variety reported that Fillion will not take any part in the movie.

The fan-film, which is 15 minutes long was shot somewhere around the California hills. Although the setting is not the usual exotic area that Drake is used to in the games, it still embodied the Uncharted feel. My favorite part of the film is when Fillion jumped out of a window, and the camera shifted to the over-the-shoulder perspective that is reminiscent of the video games.

Fillion’s down-to-earth and charming portrayal of Nate is fiercely accurate especially when he makes his usual quirky remarks amidst a life-threatening situation. Hopefully, Sony will not try to take the video down, and although it is unlikely that they will change their minds with regards to Fillion’s casting, a small part of me still wished they would. I mean this fan film alone would serve as the best audition tape as it is. The film also starred Avatar actor Stephen Lang as Sully and Episodes‘ Mircea Monroe as Elena. The short movie was directed by Allan Ungar. 

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