Fan Recreates Nintendo’s Original 19th Century Office To Store His Collection

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Nintendo's Original 19th Century Office

Nintendo’s superfan and collector Fabrice Heilig, from France, has been gathering stuff for so long that his home was full of merc and not have enough space to store it all. So he decided to develop, and when he did, he had one awesome idea to do so.

As this wonderful story on Before Mario explains, having created an immense collection of Nintendo video games and merchandise, he has recently turned his attentions to the company’s playing cards, which for much of Nintendo’s early years was its bread and butter. Heilig initially intended to build an extra room on his house, but soon updated that to “rebuild the facade of Nintendo’s now-destroyed original office building from the 19th century”.

The original Kyoto building having been demolished and converted into a parking lot in 2004, Heilig only had photos to go off but was able to base his measurements on some surviving elements of the old office that were included in the current Nintendo HQ.

The end result is a beautiful and faithful recreation, at least on the outside, though the interior—which will highlight the card collection across its walls—has also been brilliantly done to match the traditional Japanese style.


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