Fanboys Dream Nintendo Playing Cards

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Fanboys Dream Nintendo Playing Cards

So Nintendo has returned to its roots with this brand new set of Mario playing cards, featuring the characters of the most influencial video game of all time.

Mario & Zelda Cards are standard poker-size 54 playing cards included 2 jokers (with Bowser on it).

Mario Cards 1980: For those who played Mario Bros game and the Nintendo NES, between two Duck Hunt games. For those who miss bi pixels and didn’t really care about Playstation or CDs. The back of the 1980 cards are decorated with an 8-bit Mario in gold and red, colors of the Famicom (Japanese NES).

Mario Cards 1990: Do you remember how Mario World on the Super Nes was fantastic? Almost as good as Zelda 3! These classic cards will probably reminds you of the 90’s when 3D games were just a dream. The back of the 1990 cards are red with 2 golden Marios.

Mario Cards 2000: You like the Wii and 3D Mario Bros. The back of the 2000 cards are black with 2 3D Mario and various items in color.

Mario Cards All Stars: You cannot choose between the three “generations”? Get this set of all 3.

Zelda Cards: 4 generation of one of the most popular Nintendo’s adventure game on this 54 cards set.

Fun Fact: before creating video games, Nintendo started life as a card maker, back in 70’s. Buy Here


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