Fancy an iPhone 12 Pro? Here Are the Colors You Can Get!

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iPhone 12 Pro

Apple held an event in late spring 2021, announcing new colors for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini. Sadly, no new colors were introduced for iPhone 12 Pro. The colors of the iPhone 12 Pro remain the same but they are still interesting enough to make them an appealing device, despite the higher price tag than the regular iPhone 12.



The iPhone 12 Pro is a great device, especially for the ones that love taking photos and use a lot of apps. If you are planning to buy an iPhone 12 Pro for this particular reason, you need to be aware of a common misconception.

If you ever had the curiosity to go to an Apple store or any store that has Apple products on display, you may have seen a few iPhone 12 models. You may even have seen a color that you have liked. What you may not be aware of is the fact that iPhone 12 available colors are not available for the iPhone 12 Pro. Even if the phones are identical from the outside and the only visible difference may be the extra camera on the back, the color selection is not the same. The colors available for the iPhone 12 Pro are different than the ones for the iPhone 12. The colors of the iPhone 12 Pro are not available for any of the other models from the 12th generation of iPhones.


The Color Options That You Have

For the colors of the iPhone 12 Pro, there are 4 in total. The same colors were available at launch in October 2020. The event hosted by Apple in spring 2021 did not introduce new colors for the phone thus we still have the same initial 4 colors.

Pacific Blue: The most popular color out of the four is Pacific Blue. It has a distinctive look with a dark blue, setting it apart from the rest of the colors available.

Graphite: Even if it is not as popular as Pacific Blue, the Graphite iPhone 12 Pro is a return to the classic look of Apple smartphones. Dark and gray, the color fits well with the new design of the iPhones.

Silver: The Silver version of the iPhone 12 Pro is a callback to the classic iPhone color. It is a light silver color that is pleasant through its simplicity and for this reason, it manages to stand out.

Gold: The gold version of the iPhone 12 Pro is equally popular with the pacific blue. It is a light gold finish on the back and the side metal frame.

iPhone 12 Pro

Why Different Colors for the iPhone 12 Pro?

Having the iPhone 12 Pro with completely different colors than the standard iPhone 12 makes it more distinguishable. Even if you do not look at the back to see the extra camera, the color of the frame should immediately tell you if it is a pro version of the phone or not. It is also a means to give the iPhone 12 Pro its individuality and character. While some would like a purple version, the colors of iPhone 12 Pro offer a good enough diversity

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