Far Cry 4 Walkthrough

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Far Cry 4

Bring down the evil Pagan Min and liberate the country of Kyrat in Far Cry 4 with a little help from us. Get strategies, load-out tips, and general info for success in this sprawling open-world FPS.

Taking a leap into the current-generation of consoles, Far Cry 4 adds a few new wrinkles to the familiarly fun formula of the third entry in the series. Outposts return with beefed-up fortresses and retaliation teams to complicate things. Takedowns are back, alongside vehicle takedowns — you can even perform a takedown from the new Buzzer flying vehicle.

Escape the Compound

After the opening cut-scene concludes, cross to the opposite side of the room to search the tables and chest in the corner for collectible items before descending the nearby staircase.

Loot this floor of the building as well and descend another staircase to open the door at the bottom, then proceed forward down the hall to look in on the interrogation at end and exit through the adjacent room to encounter Sabal.

Sprint across the battlefield outside in the direction of the current yellow objective marker ahead and enter the indicated truck to escape from the compound, then fire the gun you receive at the soldiers on the right side of the road to detonate the explosive barrels and keep the sights trained on this area to take out the next wave of hostiles that arrive via ATV.

Heal yourself during combat to survive until the bridge and aim out the right side window to eliminate the ATV driving next to you, then continue firing until a collision occurs with another vehicle and the screen suddenly turns black to complete this mission.

Reach the Tower

Use binoculars to spot the enemy squadron coming up the stream ahead and hug the rock wall on your left to proceed forward without being seen by staying low within the surrounding foliage, then hide behind the next rock on the right to watch the hostiles separate and turn around to assassinate the nearest one from behind.

Proceed forward along the left-side rock wall again to approach the enemy currently blocking your escape and toss a rock ahead of you to lure him away from the road, then assassinate this soldier as well and eliminate the remaining hostile in this area by using the same trick.

Continue towards the current objective marker to encounter another enemy guarding the stream and assassinate him with the help of another rock distraction, then locate the next pair of hostiles across the lake on the left-side ledge and pick them with off with your rifle from a safe distance.

Swim across the river to follow it forward and skin the animal caracas you find to acquire bait, then proceed along the right-side rock wall to ascend to the top of the inclined ledge and look down on the enemies patrolling below to watch them without being detected.

Throw a piece of bait down amongst the group of enemies below to attract a nearby predator and watch it tear them apart before reentering the water to swim towards the waterfall nearby, then collect the items near the base of it before surface and proceed in the direction of the current objective marker to reach a village guarded by numerous hostiles.

Move forward across the right-side riverbank to ascend onto the rock ledge at the end that looks down on the village and drop over the opposite end to pass behind the house in the back corner of this area, then climb the next waterfall ahead to proceed towards the current objective marker and reach an area occupied by goats.

Cross the wooden walkway on the right to move around the side of the mountain and continue towards the current objective marker to climb the rope thrown down to you from the ledge above, then make your way up the stone steps to speak with Sabal in the tower at the top and reload on ammo from the surrounding caches.

Take cover with the rest of group outside and use your map to target oncoming enemies before they can much damage, then continue defending the area until the avalanche occurs and sprint back inside the building to complete this mission.

The Wolves’ Den

After the cut-scene that follows the prologue, approach the red objective marker to speak with two girls by the archery range and acquire the bow before entering a nearby trading post to enhance your inventory.

Commandeer the hang glider at the edge of the cliff behind the village and fly it north in the direction of the current yellow objective marker, then land on the opposite cliff to continue on foot and use the grass-covered inclines to reach the top of the hill.

Follow the dirt road at the top of the hill to continue towards the current objective marker and speak with the old woman to receive your next objective, then head in the direction of the new waypoint icon that appears to travel to the vantage point.

Use the bow to kill any wolves you see along the way at close-range and take their skins to fill your quota, then reach the indicated vantage point to equip the camera and zoom in on the shore near the next yellow objective marker that appears below to tag the animal you see by the water.

Make your way down the hill on the right to approach the marked wolf and locate the other one in the clearing below by the ATV to tag it as well, then eliminate one of the animals with a few arrows from a safe distance and follow the remaining predator over to the entrance of the den.

Use your camera to tag the wolves hiding within the darkness of the den and put them down with arrows fired from outside before entering, then proceed to the back wall of the cave to collect explosive arrows from the body you find against the wall and claim any available animal skins before exiting.

Turn around to fire an explosive arrow into the orange below at the left side of the wolves’ den and commandeer the nearby ATV to drive towards the next objective marker in the distance ahead, then approach Amita at the indicated house to complete the mission.

Propaganda Machine

Approach the waypoint icon to use the zipline at the edge of the cliff and commandeer the ATV at the bottom to proceed towards the current objective marker by following the dirt road nearby, then reach the area highlighted in yellow on your map and approach the dead body at the base of the nearby cliff to collect the grapple.

Look towards the rope system hanging from the cliff face directly above to throw the grappling hook up onto it and climb to the top to approach the first gap in the mountainside walkway, then attach another cable to the multicolored banner wires that extend over the chasm and swing across to the opposite rock ledge to detach before proceeding forward.

Use your grapple to swing forward off the end of the path and ascend the rope to attach to the next hook point ahead, then climb to the top of the cliff above to reach the indicated building and move into cover behind the first rock in front of you on the right to watch the patrolling guards.

Aim your bow towards the enemy guarding the front entrance to shoot the beehive directly above him and move slowly towards the right side of the building to pick off another hostile from a safe distance, then ascend to the top of the staircase within the bell tower to turn the corner on the right and climb up to the next level above to walk across the narrow beam against the wall inside.

Smash through the barricade at the top of the next staircase and continue your ascent by following the wooden walkway that wraps around the exterior of the tower, then climb the ladder at the end to hijack the signal on the landing above and complete this mission.

Return to Sender

Travel towards Banapur on an ATV to eventually have your path blocked by a wall of flames, then disengage from the vehicle to back up as a red truck pulls in front of you and eliminate the enemy that emerges from the passenger-side with a well-placed arrow shot.

Circle around behind the pick-up truck to eliminate the remaining enemies positioned by the driver’s side door and climb over the vehicle to continue up the road until you reach the area highlighted in yellow on your map, then ascend towards the village from the east to spot a pair of hostiles patrolling the rock ledge above on the left and shoot the beehive above them for quick disposal.

Climb onto the ledge previously occupied by the enemies you just killed to reach the village on the mountaintop above and turn right to pick off another guard nearby, then continue circling around the outside of the village to eliminate the hostiles attacking by staying at a safe distance.

Use explosive arrows to eliminate multiple hostiles at once and make your way through the main streets of the village to finish clearing the area by consistently watching the map for the locations of red icons, then switch to an automatic weapon when the helicopters arrive with enemy reinforcements and move to a safe distance to tag them with the camera.

Chase down the tagged enemies to eliminate them one-by-one and approach the indicated building highlighted as a dark yellow square on your map, then climb through the open window at the back of the structure to descend to the ground floor and approach the body in the corner to complete this mission.


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