Far Cry 6’s ‘Supremo’ Backpacks is A Cheat Code Built Into The Game

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Far Cry 6

I love Far Cry games and love the stealth part of the game more than going in guns blazing. Scan and tag enemies that is how I roll and pick kill them off silently one at a time. You really haven’t lived until you’ve taken down a whole stronghold without a single foe finding you out. There are lots of times when stealth goes sideways and I have to blow up my cover but my weapon of choice is usually something sharp and silent.

I got to play a few hours of Far Cry 6 recently, most of it on a small landmass off the coast of the much bigger country of Yara. It might as well have been called Tutorial Island. Within a few minutes I was sneaking up behind enemy soldiers, tapping a key, and watching my character Dani slam her machete into their necks, backs, and stomachs—those types of silent kills that seem like in reality would probably make a whole lot of noise.

In this new game, A pistol silencer is made from a plastic bottle. A sniper scope with the crosshairs drawn on in ink, yes everything is crafted.

The rebels of Yara are poor and have to use low-tech weapons and roughly crafted modifications. Well, sort of. As penniless as the guerilla resistance say they are, they have access to some ridiculously powerful weaponry.

Meet Supremo, it is a backpack that can launch a barrage of rockets that will home in on my enemies and they can outright destroy heavy military gear. It’s so extremely deadly that barely an hour into Far Cry 6 you will think you have a cheat code for winning fights and finishing missions.

Far Cry 6

One mission needed to kill a commander, Rosario, who was investigating a heavily guarded fortification packed with soldiers. You think you have snuck to a cliff overlooking the facility, then used the phone’s camera to zoom in and tag Rosario and explore her strengths and weakness. All that turned out to be pointless because just launch all Supremo rockets right into Rosario’s face and the job is done.

The rocket launcher backpack (called the Exterminador) isn’t the only version of the Supremo, by the way. The game has many. One called the Médico lets you self-revive and acts as a mobile hospital: instead of shooting rockets, it spews a cloud of healing vapor, which I imagine could be quite useful for playing medic in Far Cry 6’s 2-player co-op mode, which will come out for the entire campaign beyond Tutorial Island.

Another variant of the Supremo, the Furioso, raises you off the ground as it releases a massive ring of exploding fire in all directions around you. I didn’t get to try the Furioso, but it sounds like it’d be handy if you were boxed in on all sides or accidentally parachuted into a crowd of villains. The Volta Supremo produces an EMP blast that damages vehicles and electronic security gadgets and knocks nearby soldiers off their feet. The Supremo may look homemade but it’s definitely high-tech sci-fi stuff.

The Supremo isn’t the only crazy weapon in Far Cry 6. There are poison bullets that can turn enemies against each other, just like poison does in real life. There’s a minigun built from a motorcycle engine you’ve probably seen in trailers. There’s an adjustment for the shotgun that will make its shells vampiric so you’ll be healed as you tear your enemies.

Supremo is not completely game-breaking in that it needs quite a long time to recharge.

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