Far Cry Primal Rare Animals Locations Guide

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Far Cry Primal

In Far Cry Primal rare Animals will have a yellow scent trail to let you know of their presence while using Hunter Vision.

To tame the more advanced animals like sabretooth tigers and bears, you’ll first have to increase the top row of your Beast Master Skills.

You can tame all but the final 3 which you can only get for conclusion of the “Beast Master Hunt” sidequests that you get much later in the game. These are for getting the bad*ss-looking Great Scar Bear, Bloodfang Sabretooth, and Snowblood Wolf.

Taming Note: Tensay the shaman can teach you how to tame predators. – To tame an animal, you must attract it with bait and then walk up to it and press and hold Square on PlayStation 4 / X on Xbox One before it finishes eating the bait.

After taming an animal, you can select it during gameplay from the Beasts menu by pressing right on the Directional-Pad of your controller to bring up the animal selection menu. – This is also where, if your beast is killed, you can revive it in the Beasts menu with a few red leafs.

Rare Animal Bonus: Rare Animals are not afraid of fire!

How To Bring Animals Back From The Dead?: If you’re too late healing animals and they die, then you can revive animals with red plant (takes a few red leafs if you go to the Beasts menu).

Stealth Tip: All animals will crouch down if you crouch, enabling you and them to stealth your way to enemies, allowing you to attack unseen.

Does the game save each Rare Animals you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Rare Animals you just collected if you tamed the Rare Animal, so you don’t have to play to the end of the mission. After finding each animal you’re after you can safely quit the mission without losing collectibles progress.

Protip: After calling in a tamed animal, walk right up to it and you’ll receive the “Pet” command. This is vital to the game because it allows you to pet all your animals on the head. Ok, so maybe it’s not vital to anything per se, but it sure is cute. Oh don’t look at me like that, you know you’re pressing that Pet button the first chance you get!

Where to find all Rare Animals in Far Cry Primal? The in-game wildlife collectibles locations for the Rare Animals are described in this detailed video guide with Brian’s handy voice-over tips.

The Rare Animals are listed in the video in the order that they appear.


Timeline in minutes for the Rare Animals & other Beasts Locations Guide:

• Animal Location #1: Dhole — [2:00]
• Animal Location #2: Rare Dhole — [2:12]
• Animal Location #3: Wolf — [2:30]
• Animal Location #4: White Wolf — [3:00]
• Animal Location #5: Rare Striped Wolf — [3:14]
• Animal Location #6: Jaguar — [3:40]
• Animal Location #7: Rare Black Jaguar — [4:01]
• Animal Location #8: Leopard — [4:27]
• Animal Location #9: Cave Lion — [4:46]
• Animal Location #10: Rare Black Lion — [5:08]
• Animal Location #11: Badger — [5:26]
• Animal Location #12: Brown Bear — [5:51]
• Animal Location #13: Sabretooth Tiger — [6:18]
• Animal Location #14: Cave Bear — [6:38]
• Animal Location #15: Great Scar Bear — [7:00]
• Animal Location #16: Bloodfang Sabretooth — [7:36]
• Animal Location #17: Snowblood Wolf — [8:22]

Outside of those 17 tamable animals, there are other edible animals (including some rare ones) that you can only hunt (and not tame)…

How to find other Rare Animals like a Rare Yak, Rare Elk, Rare Wolf and as this next guide shows the Rare White Deer as a food source.
To find a specific rare animal to hunt go to their location on your map and look for the yellow fog during hunter vision to locate it.

• Animal Location #18: Rare White Deer


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