FARCRY 5 Exclusive Figurine Announced

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FARCRY 5 Exclusive Figurine

UBISOFT Announced a new figurine prior to the launch of Far Cry 5. the collectible will be released on March 22nd, 2018 as a standalone and if you are serious enough to buy it, you can pre-order on the Ubisoft Store. The figurine is a model of Joseph Seed, the main villain of the new game. He is a ruthless megalomaniac and founder of the Hope County religious organization.

Here is a description from the website about the figurine:

“Your Father is calling to you…

Joseph Seed is not only a priest, but also the charismatic leader of the Project at Eden’s Gate. Discover a new Ubicollectibles figurine showing the Father rousing his believers to defend their holy project.”

“From a sh**hole in Georgia, through foster homes and abuse of all sorts, Joseph toughened up and grew into a charismatic and visionary leader. Joseph founded and started leading the Project at Eden’s Gate after hearing voices telling him the world would soon come to an end, and that he had been chosen to save the souls of 3,000 selected people.”

You can buy itf for £49.99 or $67.64 USD on the UBISOFT Store

FARCRY 5 Exclusive Figurine FARCRY 5 Exclusive Figurine FARCRY 5 Exclusive Figurine


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