FIFA 23 Got 10 Million Players In First Week

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FIFA 23 is making its mark as the last Fifa game from EA. The latest soccer sim from EA Sports has pulled up 10.3 million players within its first week on sale, which is solid going even for a franchise that has a practical monopoly over the world of soccer games.

According to a press release, this 10.3 million figure is “record-breaking” for FIFA, which feels like an appropriate swansong for EA’s time with the franchise. EA Sports senior vice president Nick Wlodyka describes FIFA 23 players’ response to the game as “incredible” and reassures players that FIFA 23 is due to receive plenty of updates, not least to women’s club soccer.

Despite FIFA 23‘s triumphant launch, the debut of this last installment in EA’s FIFA series hasn’t been without its issues. PC players in particular have been reviewing bombing the game on Steam due to a regular error linked to EA’s anti-cheat software. At the time of writing, this problem doesn’t appear to have been fixed, with many players still registering bugs and crashes in Steam’s review section.

If you’re thinking why this is EA’s final dalliance with FIFA, don’t worry; the studio isn’t giving up on making soccer games. Instead, FIFA and EA simply haven’t been able to agree on a way forward for the license, so as of next year, FIFA will be rebranded to EA Sports FC. It’s a less catchy game title, for sure, but it’ll no doubt stick as soon as people realize it’s FIFA by another name.

Despite EA moving away from the FIFA name, it looks like FIFA as a gaming franchise is set to continue. FIFA is expanding its development radius to contain other studios, so you’ll likely see EA Sports FC and FIFA side-by-side in digital storefronts and on shelves soon.

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