FIFA vs PES – The Battle Continues

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With every new football season that comes around, it brings both optimism and excitement in equal measures, the hopes of your team winning silverware nine months down the line is something that every fan will be striving for.

Of course, that fantasy will not be a reality for the large majority of teams up and down the country, as only a very select few will be good enough to earn the honor of being champions once all the action comes to an end.

For many those title hopes could be over within the first month or so as a bad run of results put paid to any title hopes. However, there is always something else in September that goes a long way to softening that potential blow.

FIFA vs PES: a never-ending battle

That, of course, being the release of the latest editions of both FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) as the two Football Video Game franchises look set to do battle once more. The question though is who exactly will come out on top this time around?

In the offseason, much is made about new signings, with Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus being a perfect example of that and it is fair to say that this Summer it was no different in the digital landscape as FIFA landed a huge coup of their own.

For years now, their arch-rivals PES has laid claim to being the official home of the UEFA Champions League. That, however, is no longer the case as FIFA have now secured the license from European Football’s governing body.

A switch that will undoubtedly give FIFA a head start at the top of the Football Video Game table this season, leaving PES a lot of work to do in terms of catching up. But with that loss of licensing has it left the Konami produced game too much ground to cover. We can also see that throughout the professional field, as most of the e-sports tournament is played on FIFA. Many fans even enjoy Heart bingo promo code to bet on their favorite teams.

As always there are two camps of fans, the perhaps more mainstream FIFA which has gone from strength to strength since the addition of Ultimate Team or the more hipster PES which has a hardcore legion of fans but perhaps not the same amount of numbers.


And the 2019 winner is…

Many have often said that the gameplay in PES is much slicker than its Electronic Arts produced counterpart and it seems as if this year is no different, but once again it is the lack of top-level licenses that sees it fall short.

The fact that it has official tie-ups with competitions such as the Russian and Scottish Premier Leagues and not a great deal else speaks volumes as FIFA can boast a much wider range of tournaments in return.

In addition to that FIFA also has the third part of its groundbreaking “The Journey” story featuring central character Alex Hunter. The story that was introduced in 2017 concludes this year as the twists and turns of the teenager’s career develop further.

The conclusion of this story is not going to be enough alone to put FIFA top of the championship this year but on balance you would have to say that overall, they have managed to outwit their nearest rivals once more as it’s 1-0 to Electronic Arts early in the campaign.

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