Fight Trailer For WAKING Revealed The Gameplay Will Be Packed With Action

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Waking by solo indie developer Jason Oda was unveiled by publisher tinyBuild a month ago. This new upcoming game was looking to be centered on an adventure within your mind, but it seems the journey is more focused on the action. The new trailer shows the combat system for Waking and is revered as, “combat with a lot of heart,” by the developer who commentates over the trailer.

Mentioning features of it being Dark Souls-esque might turn some people away from the game, but the telekinesis concentrated action is sure to set it apart from other combat-focused titles. Not to mention having the option to turn the challenge down just sounds like Waking is going to be made to be suitable for all players who enjoy this genre. He does mention that we have to keep our fear down in the trailer, which at first I thought he meant staying focused on the fight, but at the end, you see that the players Fear points were lowered once the boss battle ended. This may be an impacting mechanic in the game that is featured in other combat-focused games.

Waking is set for release sometime in Summer of 2019 for both Steam and Xbox One.

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