Final Fantasy 15’s New Outfits Delayed Because They Look Like Power Rangers

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Final Fantasy XV-exosuits

Square Enix revealed details of new Final Fantasy XV DLC which is suppose to come out soon, but they made some changed before the release.

Square Enix announced the Booster Pack for Final Fantasy XV, Which will release on February 21. The DLC includes Magitek Exosuit, a new set of outfits for your party that provide an “advantage” and an “exhilarating experience” during battles. The Problem: Strong resemblance to the outfits worn by the Power Rangers in the upcoming reboot movie. You can check out power rangers suits below and suits from the game above.

Power Rangers

Square Enix said the free Booster Pack DLC with the Magitek Exosuits is now coming at a later date. This is because the company behind Power Rangers got in touch to point out how much the designs resemble one another. So the suits went through a makeover now to avoid any conflict.

The premium Booster Pack+ DLC is still slated for release on February 21, as is an update that increases the level cap and more. A new DLC episode starring Gladiolus and improvements to Chapter 13 will come out a month later.


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