Final Fantasy XV Blog Questions and Answers

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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV‘s UI planner Takahiro Noda took to official Japanese forums to answer few questions and Square Enix’s community team announced that they’ll replace the forum with blog.

Here’s the Q&A:

  • Will there be an illustrated encyclopedia for enemies, characters, and weapons?

“In accordance with your progress, there will be a mode where you can check 3D models of the enemies, characters, weapons, and cuisines. However, I’m sorry to say there are no plans to implement this regarding items.”

  • Will there be a CG gallery mode to view Final Fantasy XV concept art?

“While we can’t divulge details at the present stage, there are plans to include such a mode.”

  • How big of a thing is photo mode?

“You will be able to check the photos that Prompto takes on your trip via the gallery. I’m sorry to say that the photographing feature is not a full-blown thing, but you’ll no doubt be able to recollect the memories of your trip.”

The community team announced that the “forum were established as a place to talk among other users, gather feedback, and for the development staff to share the latest information, but in order for Japanese users to more easily participate, we thought we should improve it by doing it in a more accessible format.”

The forums will close on February 12, 2016, it will be replaced with a blog, which will be accessible from the official site.

The blog will also include past development updates that were posted on the forum. Users will be able to comment only with a Square Enix Members account.

Final Fantasy XV will release sometime this year or early next year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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