Final Fantasy XV PC Demo is Available Now To Play!

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Final Fantasy XV Regalia

The highly anticipated cool looking Final Fantasy XV PC demo is available today and I have to say it looks even impressive on the PC. PC gamers are finally able to get to play this game on PC ahead of its launch, It will be released this week.

You can download the Final Fantasy XV demo from Microsoft Store, Steam, and Origin. Square Enix says that there are “opening main quests” in the Final Fantasy XV PC demo along with a tutorial.

There should be plenty of content to satisfy FF fans and to give you a good idea of what to anticipate from the PC version of the game.

If you like to benchmark your systems first for the game you can use the tool that Square Enix has released to check the preparedness of your system for the game. Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will be released on March 6th. It will include the DLC of the game as well as the base game.



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