Finally Microsoft Has Released Some Solid Info About The Xbox Series X

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Xbox Series X

Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, has posted a blog post on Xbox Wire today describing some key features of the new-gen Xbox Series X and in the process confirmed a few leaks that have developed over the last few months. Now, the first significant reveal is the confirmation that the console is going to deliver 12 teraflops of GPU power. this puts the Series X GPU performance at double that of an Xbox One X (6 teraflops) and slightly more than 8 times as great as Xbox One S (1.4 teraflops). Now teraflops aren’t produced equally and even though these numbers are important as is the real performance gains are likely to be much more important. Especially when mixing it with hardware-accelerated raytracing and variable-rate shading, 2 more options we already know about which are coming to the next-gen box. no new info has yet been confirmed on the CPU side of the Series X but again it will be Zen 2 based making for a powerful experience over the current-gen Jaguar found in Xbox Ones and PS4’s.

Now as for gaming, there are some new features explained in the post that should be excellent to see in practice. First is the ability to suspend many games and resume them from the same place. this feature isn’t new and has been around on the Xbox One and PS4 for a number of years now but it is being extended upon hugely. I think it is a secure bet to assume that the feature won’t work for online-only titles, as is the case with the feature currently, but having a couple of single-player sessions stored sounds pretty great to me. One of the most important aspects of today’s post is knowing that we are going to be getting cross-gen game purchase support for a number of games including the upcoming Halo Infinite. Microsoft is performing a new smart delivery system to guarantee that when you download a game you get the best version available to you. Microsoft is trying to convince developers to adopt this feature so you may find you have access to a number of upgraded games when the console release later this year.

Backward compatibility was once again talked about with support for all Xbox One games including currently available backwards compatible Xbox 360 and on Xbox titles. No news has been revealed on how the Xbox 360 and on Xbox libraries will be grown on for the future but this starting line is a wonderful one to be sure. Xbox Game Pass will still play an essential role for the Xbox Series X moving forward and is confirmed for next-gen. As expected, Halo Infinite will be added on the service the day of its release. As we continue our march towards next-gen we can expect more reveals like this to come. There is still a lot we don’t know about Xbox Series X but I think we are getting more news coming out later this month.


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