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As better technology keeps coming into play, the world of sports betting keeps evolving. And with the onset of software tools, bettors have been able to make better-informed decisions. These tools range from betting line analyzers to calculators to statistical services, and many more.

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What Are Sports Betting Programs?

Sports betting programs, in simple terms, are those online platforms used by bookies to make sports betting possible. These platforms input advanced and well-written algorithms, as well as data statistics into their software. And this then makes it possible for punters to place wagers, analyze odds, and also use certain predictive models to make the most of their betting decisions.


Popular Statistical Services

Here are some of the best services in the industry.


MyScore is a great platform that gives comprehensive coverage of a vast range of sports. Varying from football to basketball to table tennis, the site offers updated scores and detailed match stats as they happen. With this, it becomes easier for gamblers to place wagers based on accurate information.


Soccerstand is more than a statistical service; it is also a platform that offers one of the fastest sports streaming services. It also offers real-time updates, data analysis, and other interesting features.


Are you looking for a sports statistical service that gives real-time sports information as it happens? If yes, then Livescore is the way to go as it offers several sports content such as player stats, sports event data, and even live score results.


This is a statistical service that is particularly designed for punters interested in football. SFstats offers well-analyzed information based on past data, as well as head-to-head records for both the teams and players.


While other services tend to focus on encompassing every sport or football in particular, Oncourt focuses solely on tennis games. This platform gives authentic information regarding player performance, H2H records, and other relevant statistics that help in making smart betting choices.


Knowing past and present player ratings and previous team performances makes it possible for bettors to make well-informed betting decisions. And this service is what WhoScored, a site dedicated to football, delivers to gamblers in the palm of their hands.

Sports Keeping

This is a platform that excels in versatility by covering different sports events as well as their statistics and score results. Sports Keeping also offers other services like odds comparison and live streaming which makes it a multifaceted tool for sports bettors.

Programs That Analyze The Betting Line

If your focus is on betting lines, you should check these out.


Oddsportal, just as the name suggests, is a platform that displays odds from various bookmakers worldwide and for several different sports. From this site, you can gather data relating to pre-match events or even while a match is on.


With Betexplorer, you can make extensive research on various sports-related content and come up with satisfactory answers. It brings precise and useful information on various topics such as league tables, match updates, stats, results, etc.


Hot-odds is another platform that compares the best odds from numerous bookies to determine which is best for you. And what’s more, the site covers a wide range of sports including horse racing, football, table tennis, ice hockey, etc. So regardless of the sport that catches your fancy, you can track the data here.


Programs For Finding Sure Bets

Do you want sure bets? If yes, check out these softwares.


Surebet means just what the name implies. It is a site dedicated to finding sure bets by examining odds from various bookies. And once it identifies any inconsistencies, it uses this to help bettors place wagers with sure successful outcomes.


AllBestBets is another arbitrage opportunity or sure bet finder. This platform detects loopholes in combined odds that create a chance for arbitrage. So regardless of the outcome, users are sure of guaranteed success.


Positivebet is one other sure bet finder that offers its services over a wide range of sports events and betting markets. This site provides sports predictions based on critical algorithm analysis, thereby bringing authenticity to betting odds.

Search Forks

Very versatile in finding sure arbitrage opportunities, Search Forks is a tool that can be used by both expert and newbie bettors. The sure odds this platform presents are based on well-analyzed predictions and the latest score updates so bettors can rest assured of guaranteed profits.

Odds Calculators And Converters

The following are the best odds calculators and converters.

Kelly Criterion Calculator

Created by John Kelly, Kelly Criterion Bet Calculator tells you the particular percentage of your capital that you should risk on each bet. And this percentage is derived by the calculator using a simple mathematical formula as follows. The exact formula may differ depending on various factors but the overall principle and answer remain the same.

Wager Size Percentage = (2 x total decimal odds of winning)1

Bookmaker Margin Calculator

This calculator helps figure out how much they would get as payout as well as the odds probability in percentage. Essentially, it calculates the bookmaker’s margin or commission deducted from the bettor’s profits. But note that the margin for each bookie varies and it depends on the bookmaker in question which is why it’s important to calculate it first.

Martingale Calculator

The Martingale strategy is a betting strategy that makes it possible for you to recover from losses and steadily build back up your bankroll. But it is quite risky as it requires that you increase your wager amounts for every bet you lose.

With the martingale calculator, you can figure out the bet size to use after each win or loss to ensure you stay on track while using the strategy.

Having access to this information could make all the difference in your sports betting experience. And as a bettor, using these software programs can better your chances of success each time you place wagers.

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