Find Out The Secrets Of WESTMARK MANOR On June 18th

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Revealing the release date in the final trailer of the game, the teams of Nodbrim Interactive and Toadman Interactive welcome you into a story inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Go inside of Westmark Manor and discover what lurks within the darkest corners of the spooky mansion. This horror game, set up to concentrate on exploration and puzzle-solving, will test you in ways that can only be won by using your wits and courage.

As a curator at the department of ancient history, Theodore Westmark has been studying the occult as of late. Being no stranger to an odd actuality, he has dedicated years of his life in the search for an ancient alchemical formula that is said to control space and time. After discovering what he was looking for in Vörnum, he found the material and made it back home in order to study it without distractions. Hoping it would free his wife Elizabeth from her terrifying illness, he wasn’t ready to find that something more evil is hidden within those passages, or even himself.

Westmark Manor checks off a lot of boxes on the list which I find really interesting. Set to release on Steam this coming June 18th, Check out the trailer below, if you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft this is the game for you for sure.


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