Finding the Best Mobile App for Online Casino Gambling

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If you are ready to delve into the fun and exciting world of mobile online casino gambling, the enjoyment you get from the experience will depend a lot on your ability to find the right mobile app. Depending on your region and the regulations in said region, you could have access to hundreds of online casinos, many of which can provide you with mobile access.

Mobile casino gambling is exploding all over the planet. As nation after nation moves forward to approve online gambling for its residents, the online gambling market has become one of the fastest-growing markets on the internet. One look at a gambling mobile apps is why the mobile casino industry is changing how people  gamble online and all it will take to convince you this exactly what you want to be doing with your free time and discretionary income.

With so many mobile apps from which to choose, you might be wondering how you can sift through hundreds of online casino websites and land on the right app(s). To help you in your endeavour, here’s some key search criteria you might want to keep in mind.



It should go without saying that you want a mobile app that’s completely compatible with the mobile device(s) you intend to use while you are gambling on the go.

First, only 80% of all online casinos actually have a mobile app for downloading. There are still a few online gambling operators that only offer an optimized website that’s accessible with a mobile device and standard web browser. The problem with optimized websites is the gambler isn’t going to get the same level of quality and functionality as they would get with a legitimate mobile app. They might even have trouble getting access to the casino website’s complete games library.

Skipping over websites that don’t offer a mobile app, the other sites will typically offer download access for apps that are compatible with the iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems. These are considered industry standards. It’s only been in the last couple of years that online casino software developers have been creating mobile apps for other operating systems like Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

Reminder: Most online casino websites offer a direct link for mobile app downloads to popular sites like iTunes (Apple) and Google Play (Android). Downloads are free.



Unfortunately, not all mobile apps are created equal. There are some online casino operators that are just unwilling to provide a quality mobile app. The gambler can usually pick off these apps through visual inspection. At a minimum, mobile gamblers have the right to expect a mobile app to be just as functional as the associated online casino website.

By functionality, we mean the ability to easily access banking options, bonuses and the complete library of casino games. As long as you feel you are able to do what you want on the mobile app, you probably have one that’s worthy of your time. As a word of caution, compare the mobile app to the associated website. If you are not getting the same quality and access to games, try another app.


Quality and Reputation of the Casino Operator

A mobile app is only as reliable and safe as its underlying online casino ownership. Since there are a few unlicensed online casino operators out there on the internet trying to scam gamblers, you want to be cautious about which operators you entrust with your hard-earned cash.

For beginners, you want to make sure the operator is licensed and in good standing with the appropriate regulatory bodies. If you are in the UK, you should look for sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner or Malta Gaming Authority. Those are the tried and true regulators for most of Europe.

You might also want to invest some time reading online reviews about the operators and the associated mobile apps. Good review sites will quickly point out each app’s pros and cons. This could save you a lot of time. Be careful that the review isn’t for a sponsor. That would indicate the probability of bias. Finally, checkout casino watchdog sites like Casinomeister to make sure the operator doesn’t have any meaningful derogatory outstanding issues that would be cause for concern.

Using the above criteria and your personal preferences as guidelines, you should have no problem a great mobile app for your online gambling pleasure.


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