First 12 Minutes Of Upcoming Vampire Game VAMPYR

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The makers of Remember Me and Life is Strange are trying to recapture players hearts…or maybe just the blood. Vampyr will be the first vampire game the mainstream console world has seen in quite a while, and it looks pretty good.

Set in London in 1918, you play Jonathan Reid as he works to find a cure for his “illness” all whilst feeding on folks and interacting with the world around you. The game is promising interactive dialogue, and a system where the lives taken of NPC’s have an actual effect on the other NPC’s around them. Kill too many and the town descends into madness.

It all sounds awesome, but will it actually play as well as it sounds? We can’t speak to that but we can show you 12 minutes of the game that was featured at Gamescom. What I love watching this is the ferocity in which the character moves when he uses his vampire powers! I don’t think we’ve seen too much of that with vampires in gaming.

Check it out below and expect Vampyr on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 sometime in 2017…


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