First Impressions For The Polymega Console!

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The Polymega Beta Units are beginning to come with early testers and the responses given so far for the console have been positive! One of the Early testers is Modern Vintage Gamer. He also ported many of emulators to the OG Xbox and talked about retro tech! MVG has released his early impressions video which you can see below that describes many of the core features of the Polymega beta unit. Since this was a beta unit, the HLE BIOS for the CD-based systems is still incomplete and MVG highlights a few of the games that had problems. Thankfully official BIOS files can be sideloaded to prevent these issues.

MVG declared the controller that comes with the base unit felt on the cheaper side. I guess we will find out in July when the Polymega finally hit the market! If you would like to pre-order the Polymega it is now available at Walmart.

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