First Look At The Official PS5 Advertisement

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PlayStation 5

Sony is spending big on advertisements on PlayStation 5 console.

In August we got our first look at Sony’s advertising strategy with the new console’s slogan, “Play Has No Limits.” That ad remind us of past PlayStation 4 hits without specifically naming them, such as Tomb Raider and God of War.

Sony’s new ad does much the same but takes an even more awesome approach. Rather than showcase the PlayStation 5’s features, “The Edge” just tells us a story about a fisherman who’s transported to an amazing world packed with airships, cruise liners, World War 2 fighter planes, and Viking ships–that last one being a reference to upcoming Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Set to the opening hook of The Who’s “Teenage Wasteland,” this nameless fisherman suddenly comes across a blue portal while out in the middle of the ocean. A massive galleon comes barreling through, followed by seacraft and aircraft of all types and from all time periods. Everyone seems very shocked to see each other before suddenly becoming way too happy about sailing over the edge of the world.

“It’s really just talking about who we are as a brand and exciting and thrilling our fans,” said Sony global head of marketing Eric Lempel in an interview with Variety. “We want to excite and thrill you. We want to show them a path to the mysterious unknown… what you’re seeing is them coming to the edge and then going beyond. And really, that’s what we’re trying to signal here. It’s not about the features. It’s a brand spot.”

Source: SonyVariety


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