First Real Hoverboard Costs $20k And Can Fly 6 Mins

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Arca Space’s hoverboard

Arca Space’s hoverboard prototype is the world real flying “board” capable of lifting a person above any type of ground and transporting them over “distances.”

You have seen it in Back to the Future II and many imagined it to be a reality and I think we are one step closer to that reality now.  Check out this Romanian company’s creation, their new state of the art technology comes with a heavy price-tag of around $20,000.

The need to create such a large surface area seems apparent, as the devise deploys 36 fans to lift the board off the ground, by generating 195kg of downward thrust.

Yet the battery can only power the device for a maximum of six minutes, I won’t say it is value for money because spending that much money for 6 minutes of flight not seems logical, It takes 6 hours of charge before you take another flight to the bathroom.

Arca Space’s hoverboard

You can purchase the ArcaDock accessory that will charge the battery in just 35 minutes for an extra $4,500.

To steer this “revolutionary breakthrough transportation” at top speed 20km/h one needs a smartphone, to enable the stabilization system.  When the stabilizer is turned off, the board is controlled by shifts in the rider’s center of gravity.

The board is made of aerospace-grade composite materials, and weighs about 80kg, and will go on sale in April of next year.

The AcraBoard also triumphs where its rival makers have failed, due to its ability to ride over all terrains. The Hendo hoverboard only operates on non-ferromagnetic surfaces – those which are not attracted to magnets, while just hovering an inch off the ground, it can easily run into trouble if any unexpected bumps or objects appear. So don’t forget about your pets before you start buzzing.


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