Five Bonuses That’ll Help You Win Big

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It’s a well-known fact that online casinos use bonus offers to lure players in and keep them around. Not every player wants to use bonuses since they always come with some kind of conditions that might make it hard to actually get a hold of your winnings.

But there are some bonus offers that can really give players a leg up when it comes to increasing chances of taking your winnings home without putting a ton of overly restrictive conditions on it. So, let’s have a look at five bonuses that will help you win in online casinos.


Wager free bonuses

Wagering requirements are usually the bane of casino players’ existence. You get some €10 bonus and win a decent amount, but you can’t get your winnings withdrawn before you wager your bonus and sometimes even the triggering deposit somewhere from 20 to 40 times in the casino first.

So, even if you only have to wager the €10 a total of 20 times, that comes down to €200 that has to be wagered before you can even withdraw those €10.

That makes wager-free bonuses such a hot commodity. If you get a decent win with your bonus, you can withdraw it right away and no one can take that away. The only caveat in that case is that the bonus itself is usually not withdrawable, so you can only withdraw winnings that exceed the initial bonus amount, but it’s still a more than decent offer.


Bonuses with small wagering requirements

If you can’t manage to find a bonus with no wagering requirements, one where the casino only demands you to wager the bonus five or ten times is the next best thing. Wagering a bonus a bunch of times is much more realistic and doable than the astronomically high wagering requirements on a lot of the bonuses out there, so keep an eye out for those offers as well.


Cashback dampens the blow of a losing streak

A cashback bonus is often looked upon with a look of pity since it mostly only gets you money if you lose a lot. But, don’t knock it till you try it as cashback is one of the best offers out there.

A lot of the time, a cashback bonus is calculated on the basis of net losses. So, you would get 20% of your net losses as cashback. The great thing about this bonus is that you usually get your cashback as real money with no wagering requirements attached.

And since chances are high that you would have played anyway, there is no real issue here. If you win, great. Get your winnings and be on your merry way. If you lose, you get some of those losses back, so you can either give it another try or – well…cut your losses.


No deposit bonuses

The absolute unicorn of bonus offers are bonuses that do not require you to make a deposit at all. Usually, those are either granted to new players to lure them in or to especially loyal players to reward their long-lasting trust.

Normally, you would get either a small number of free spins or a small amount of bonus money that you can use to your liking. The biggest issue with a no deposit bonus is usually that the bonus conditions are especially harsh.

Wagering requirements tend to suddenly double from normal bonuses and there are usually even restrictions on maximum wins and withdrawals, so you can’t even hope for an especially big win to facilitate you fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Therefore, no deposit bonuses are usually a good way to get to know a casino without having to risk your own money, but you shouldn’t bank on them to net you big wins.


Free spins make the world go round

Last, but definitely not least, there are the free spins. A huge amount of bonus offers grants you free spins for new or especially popular slots and there is nothing wrong with this kind of bonus.

Usually, you’ll have to see if you like the slot(s) those free spins are offered in, since contrary to bonus money, you can’t freely decide where to use them. But the great thing about free spins is that they are a real bonus. Casinos usually grant them to you on top of your deposit but you still get the deposit money to play with however you want.

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