Five Tips to Boost Your TV Antenna Signals

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TV Antenna

This is an age where many people have started relying more on TV antennas than the monthly subscription of channels from a television service provider. However, the struggle to get good TV signal reception as compared to the crystal-clear cable images still persists.

Unfortunately, the TV signal quality depends a lot on the type of antenna used to get the signals. Not all antennas are perfect. However, even the best HDTV antennas can be highly unreliable at certain times. Many other factors affect the TV signal quality when you use a TV antenna.

  1. Location of Local Broadcast Tower – This is one of the most important roles in giving you excellent or no TV signals at all. Even the best TV antennas cannot receive signals from a local broadcast tower situated hundreds of miles away.

Your distance from the broadcasting tower is the key determinant of whether you need a simple TV antenna or an HDTV antenna. It also decides whether you need an amplifier along with your TV antenna or not. You can easily check your local coverage using a TV antenna map.

  1. The direction of Antenna – Many areas that have more than one broadcast tower nearby face such problems of direction. Your TV antenna might be using signals from the wrong tower due to which you’re getting weak signals.

In order to boost TV antenna signals, you need to locate the tower from where you can get signals of good strength. Follow this by redirecting your antenna in the direction of the tower chosen.

  1. Check Your Set-Top Box, TV and Other Parts – While most signal issues can be blamed on the TV antenna, sometimes, even your TV, set-top box, or cables and cords are to be blamed for blurry images. Simply put, an old TV set, set-top box, or cables and fly leads can also be the culprits of receiving bad signals.

Hence, it’s better to check them too. Your TV and the set-top box can be easily checked with the automatic tuning function of the setup. It will do all the required check-ups without you having to do the work. Furthermore, also do a quick test for each wire that connects your system to ensure everything is up to date

  1. Signal Overload – When more than one TV uses the same signal from one TV antenna, it results in a signal overload. As a result, none of the objects receive proper and clear signals. Using a signal splitter in such a case can help deliver ample signals to both the TV sets.

However, unless all other issues have been rectified and you have the right antenna, TV set, and set-top box in place, you won’t be able to check for signal overload.

  1. Rotating Outdoor Antenna – In case you feel that your TV antenna is the main reason behind spoiling your favorite TV shows, then it’s probably time to replace it with a new one.

You can replace your standard indoor or outdoor antenna with a rotating outdoor antenna to boost the antenna signals. These antennas can be controlled remotely from inside your home and can operate on a 360-degree axis to catch the strongest signals for your TV.

The first step towards working on boosting your TV antenna signals is finding out the main cause of the poor signals. After that, working on the rectification of the issue can help you enjoy your shows on time and with clear images.


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