Five Ugly Truths About Home Alarm Systems

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Having an alarm system at home is as vital as arming it regularly for protection. A good home security system will provide you with the protection your home badly needs. Even when it is not armed, an alarm system can dissuade intruders from targeting your home. Therefore, it should always be armed at all times.

An alarm system may seem like an inconvenience to you, but you will see its importance when you find yourself in danger from thieves. Burglars don’t discriminate whether you live in peaceful neighborhoods or gated communities. But you can avoid being their target by installing a comprehensive alarm system in your home.


Knowing Your Alarm Systems

If you ask homeowners how well they understand their home alarm system, you will be surprised at their responses. While they are a necessary addition to your home security, you should also know that burglars are also getting smarter and more acquainted with these systems. That is why you should know your system well to avoid any surprises.

Home Alarm Systems

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Here are some of the truths about your home alarm systems:

Arming and Disarming Your Alarm Remotely May Not Be Safe for You

The advancement in technology has automated everything, including your alarm system. By the touch of a button, you get your music and TV on, turn on your car’s AC, and much more. But this convenience can be costly to you, especially with your alarm systems.

When you lose your keyfob remote, and it falls into the hands of a burglar, you are in big trouble. The burglars will turn off your alarm system and walk into your house as they please. Your alarm company can reprogram your system and replace the remote, but getting another keyfob remote will require time, which the burglar will take advantage of.

Avoid using the keyfob remote and instead arm and disarm your alarm system manually using the code. Keep the remote safely in a safe or jewelry box.


Constant Power Outages Can Disable Your Alarm System

Every alarm system uses electricity to run. Alarms are often hard-wired into the house or plugged into the wall. When the power goes out, the plug might come loose, or the breaker will flip, and the alarm will not receive the power it needs to operate. Alarm batteries are not designed for long life, and they need regular maintenance to work correctly. When the batteries get worn out, the system may not power up.

A prolonged power outage due to floods, constructions, tornados, and other causes can make your home vulnerable to burglars. The battery can sustain your system for at most 12 hours before it dies.

For excellent service, ensure your alarm backup battery is well maintained and replaced when necessary. Always have a backup generator to help during outages.


All Alarm Systems Come With the Same Automatic Code

Alarm systems have a set code that enables you and the technician to arm and disarm it conveniently. The problem is that all alarm systems have the same code and burglars know it. If your technician did not tell you this, now you know.

Home Alarm Systems

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You have to change your alarm system code immediately it is installed. Your technician can take you through the process. Give your system a code that you can remember. Don’t make it easy for burglars to guess your code by using your phone number, or birthday. Disable the old code immediately you have your new one.


The Police Often Don’t Respond on Time

Your alarm monitoring company will always respond quickly to an alarm alert. This cannot be said about the police authorities. The police departments in many areas always get to the building when it’s already late. Their average response time can be minutes or several hours later.

Burglars are aware of police response times in certain areas they have robbed. They know how long it can take to steal everything from you, haul it into their car, and get away without bumping into the police.

Sometimes the police may not respond to your distress call because of the many false alarms your house has presented. Always prevent false alarms and enlist someone close to you who can check on your home and report anything suspicious to the police.


Police Investigations are only as serious as You Are

The police are always on the road to attend to the many incidents they have on their list. They may not check your home thoroughly when responding to an alarm if no one is at home. They will drive by your house, look around the compound, and take off.

If the break-in point and damage is not visible to them because of inaccessibility to your house, you cannot blame them for trying.

Always ensure that you give the police access to your property, especially in cases of medical and fire emergencies. Always have someone at the house to meet the police.



After installing your alarm system, always make sure it is updated. Delete all old codes and keep changing your own code from time to time. Be proactive with your alarm responses and have your alarm company explain any concerns you may have. The efficiency of your alarm systems solely depends on you.


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