Flappy Bird Recreated in Minecraft

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Ladies and gentleman, the apocalypse is nigh. One intrepid Minecraft user has found a way to create Flappy Bird, the simple but addictive mobile game that’s been burning up the gaming news world for the past few days, in Mojang’s block-based title.

Flappy Bird Recreated in Minecraft

As you can see in the video, the mod recreates all of the key elements of Flappy Bird, from the distance tracker to the pipes. Even the awkward trajectory of the “flappy bird” is well represented. We’d say that this person is part of the problem – one of the dozens of creative individuals who want nothing more than to capitalize on the Flappy Bird craze – but this is quite clever all the same. In a way, it reminds us of the Minecraft graphing calculator we profiled a few months back – it’s simple on the surface but likely has a lot of components working in the background.

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