Flexible Rope Light That Can Be Easily Formed Into Different Shapes

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Fauna Lamp

Check out this cool lamp which is created by Italian MID Studio, It is called “Fauna Lamp“, it is a fun and functional light source with a flexible rope design that can easily be formed into different shapes in a safe and convenient manner.

It is made as a coil but it can be easily shaped to whatever shape. The direction of light is not the only aspect that can be adjusted: the lamp’s shape can be changed as well to create an exciting variety of aesthetical and functional solutions– from a table lamp to a floor lamp, from a wall light to a ceiling light. A coiled electric wire guarantees safety while also giving strength to the extraordinary materic aspect of the lighting fixture. A game of harmony and tension between the improbability of a cable and the plasticity of crystallized silhouettes.

The lamp is available in different sizes/colors and can be purchased through CrowdyHouse or the designboom store.

Fauna Lamp


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