Fly Above The Water In This Unsinkable Electric Quadrofoil

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The Quadrofoil is a two-person personal watercraft (PWC) that can be driven in any body of water with a minimum depth of 3.3 feet.  It boasts a patented foil-based steering system (all foils turn simultaneously) that makes it more responsive on water, compared to conventional hydrofoil boats.  That same steering system also doubles as a stabilization system, rendering the boat, practically, impossible to tilt and unusually difficult to sink (unless, of course, it gets attacked by a torpedo boat or Godzilla, at which point, all bets are off).  Powered by an electric outboard motor, it can hit top speeds of 21 knots (25 mph), with the onboard battery keeping it running for up to 54 nautical miles before requiring a recharge (two hours from empty to full charge on a wall outlet).

Electric Quadrofoil

It comes with an anti-collision system that absorbs the impact to minimize its effect on the occupants, with foils that release from position when grounded to prevent further damage.   Driving should be easy, too, with nothing but a steering wheel to operate and an informative cockpit display that lets you know the remaining battery range at all times.

Now available for preorder, the Quadrofoil is priced starting at $28,000.


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