Foldimate, A Home Robot That Can Fold All Your Laundry

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In 2016 we saw Foldimate Family, Which was a handy home robot that automatically folds, steams, and scents laundry. Since after that, the company has made important changes to the robot’s interior and surface design working on customer feedback. The changes were announced at CES 2019.

This prototype has been further advanced from its previous model, and now automatically adapts to the clothing item type and size. Now, folding a full load of laundry, of around 25 items, takes less than 5 minutes. …We designed a chic appearance after learning that many people plan to use FoldiMate in their bedrooms, spare rooms, or living rooms. We realized that it needs to look less like an appliance as not everyone has space in their laundry room, and even if they do, they don’t necessarily want to fold there.

The company also intends to sell the Foldimate for $980 and while a final release date is not yet made public, there is an email waitlist available that will inform you when pre-orders are available and you can make your order.

We strive to make FoldiMate as affordable as we can. The target price is not final and will not include tax and shipping, as regulations vary by region.


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